Monday, August 31, 2009

Eeek....has it been too long since I've blogged or what? I can blame summer (well ok...maybe not) but either way, I'm back and feel like getting into the swing of things!

It's been an interesting summer, weather has been off for the most part, some nice days thrown in, just to remind us, "oh's August etc" but overall we've really had to make due with some not so great days.

I wanted to compare that to our overall mental and physical health. We can plug along in our day to day...feeling 'ok' - not bad but not great...a few discomforts maybe or some upsets that affect our mood - and we find ourselves really not getting the most out of every day. Not good!

I've found that NOW is really all we have and trying to make the best of it works to our benefit in two ways. One - it helps us to make the most of where we are in life, right this second - allowing ourselves to just take it in, look for something, anything to appreciate and be relieved about - and to realize it's really not so bad. Secondly, making the best of our now, helps us to consider areas that we'd like to see improved, and to hold that vision of something better. Feeling good or better in our now, helps us to get closer to more of what we are wanting. Ah, but you may be thinking, 'well if I'm acknowledging that this situation is ok... then appreciating it will just keep me stuck here!' NOPE! Instead, it adds fuel and momentum to the next step or place you want to be...unless of course you haven't allowed yourself to want more or better!! Hmmm.....have you?? Have you allowed yourself to think about more for yourself or are you stuck? No matter what it is - a physical complaint or issue, or an emotional upset or life situation you want improved - have you allowed yourself to consider better for yourself? Or because YOU can't see a solution, you just don't let yourself go there? I've been there, done that...and it stinks. Not holding out hope for improvement keeps you on hold - and for some indefinitely. Start hoping and wondering what life would be like if you felt better or were in a different scenario - and then start feeling better about where you are - the ball will start rolling in a better direction, I promise. Pay attention and hold those thoughts.

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