Thursday, June 17, 2010

Being Nice Really Does Have Rewards

Ok ....guilty over here of not blogging! But no fear, Katy is here...(sure all were losing sleep over this). I just had to write as I'm so very happy that spring/summer is making it's appearance in numerous ways! Longer days, warmer temps, green grass, birds, flowers and farmers markets! It's all good!

And what's also good is my just minding my own business sitting here at my 'day' job and having a patient bring me a quart of fresh local organic strawberries! This is after yesterday talking with my sister about getting our own berries for our yearly jam making event. I love how simple, positive vibrations just spread out into the cosmos and bring back the goodies! I'm all for it. Hmmm..I will have to do some more vibe intentions and see what else I can materialize!

What this gesture has done was to remind me of my ongoing desire to do for others. I come from a family of 'helpers and givers' so it's in my blood. Really can be such a rush of good feelings when we take time to do something nice and usually unexpected for someone else. Doesn't have to be a grand gesture, something thoughtful is all that's required! The fact that I have a lovely quart of fresh strawberries on my desk has lifted my mood by many notches, this obviously the 'act of kindness' is always a 2 way street. We all feel good!