The above testimony is from a gal I helped in jolly ol England... She was ever so kind to record a testimony!  Thank you! :o)  So folks, don't hesitate to try even the online consult if you need assistance or are read for some changes!
I first talked to Katy in December explaining that I had hit menopause and spent my days feeling very anxious and my nights sleeping in 2 or 3 hour shifts with occasional hot flashes, and what a toll it was taking on mind and body.  She suggested a B complex vitamin in the a.m. and the Female Balance in the afternoon and evening.  WOW!  It was amazing.  The day I started on the combination of the two, I immediately felt better, much calmer and slept better at night.  It took about 3 weeks to sleep through the night without waking up and at one point I actually slept 8 hours two nights in a row.  I hadn't done that in at least a year.  My 'warm flashes' have subsided completely, which makes it much easier to sleep at night.  I take one B complex in the a.m. and two of the Female Balance in the afternoon (separate doses) and two in the evening (together).  I feel like a new person!  Kim B - Massachusetts

I had to let you know how exciting it is to have something work this quickly.  I have been using the OPC3 that yourself and the Doctor had recommended for my Vericose Veins, especially a rather unsightly one in my lower leg.  Well...in less than a month it's gone.  I can't believe it!  ha..well I can believe it as I can't see it anymore.  I'm telling all my friends...and I hope they give it a try - Just because we are getting older doesn't mean we can't get results.  I couldn't be happier with money well spent.   Joann T.  Buffalo NY 
I had to tell you how silly I feel getting excited about your Colon Cleanse!  But I am.  I have NOT gone to the bathroom once a day for over 20 years!  And I'm a nurse...seems I should know better! Years walking around uncomfortable and resigned to the fact this is just how I am.My my sister in law told me about your Colon Cleanse and I think I am on my 4th bottle (mainly as I end up giving it to other family/friends who do not believe me!)  Thank you for making my life easier and I'm sure, healthier!      Sincerely,  Carol M. - Tonawanda NY
I asked you what you thought would help this cold that seemed to be hanging on - and you suggested your Anti Plague Formula.  It sounded scary, ha...but I was willing to try as I was tired of feeling this way.  Turned out it wasn't bad in a little juice - I took it about 4-5 times a day for a few days and by the 4th day I realized I woke up feeling great.  No symptoms whatsoever.  I think it was my first day without kleenex stuck in every pocket.  Glad it's a big bottle, as I will take it if I ever feel something coming on.  Thanks again.  Karen K.  Cheektowaga NY
I wanted to thank you for your time when we met for my appointment.  I had been feeling out of sorts - over 50 and hoping I could feel better than I was feeling.  A little depressed, sluggish, not motivated...HOT FLASHES...and terrible digestion issues.  During and after meeting with you I felt a weight being lifted.  You told me things I already knew, and other things I had no idea.  With suggestions you made  - a few products, diet ideas and some healthier thinking in general - I feel immensely better.  I even started some walking a few times a week - sometimes with my husband or just on my own.  So glad I came to see you - my regards,  Cheryl V.  Buffalo NY
Every time I get a hint of a sore throat I immediately start taking your Immune Boost - I gargle with it first as you suggested and then swallow.  Not my favorite tasting, but it works and I appreciate that.  No more running for antibiotics everytime.  I also keep by my bedside the Herbal Throat Spray you sent along as a gift.  LOVE it.  I use it before bed and if I wake up in the night with a cough or scratchy throat.  Great stuff - Oh..and my kids (10 and 7) use your Children's Immune Boost and I know it has helped this past winter.  Joan P. Williamsville NY
I hurt my back years ago, and periodically will do something minor and it will go out on me.  I call in sick to work and it seems to take weeks before I can move properly. You gave my wife a sample of your Deep Heat Ointment and she put it on my back.  Smells like wintergreen, but I rather like it.  Long and short of it...I slept the entire night that night - without taking anything for the pain.  When I got up that morning I had her put on some more.  I pretty much managed all day without discomfort, maybe a little stiff.  I had her put it on again later that day...as I wanted the pain to stay away!  Needless to say we ordered a larger jar and use it for other issues that come up.  Really wonderful stuff...I told some of my golf buddies so hopefully they will contact you too.  
Jerry L.  Buffalo NY 
Working with Me takes out all of the guesswork.  I look forward to working with you!!

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