Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Good Witch and the Bad Witch  

Ah yes, those reading that title should have the movie the Wizard of Oz come to mind!  A good example of the wanted and unwanted!

Working with clients as well as in a natural store setting, I can't help but notice the huge increase in stomach and intestinal complaints.  So many of them are related to a similar issue but rarely treated appropriately, medically.  At least not with any lasting effects.  Today there is something I want to encourage even if you DON'T have any obvious issues, would be The Good Witch i.e. Probiotics. ☺

So what are Probiotics? Our bodies come prepared with our own!  Probiotics are live microorganisms residing in the intestinal tract helping to keep it functioning in a state of health.  They are considered the 'good' bacteria.  However when the unwanted bacteria becomes overpowering, symptoms start to show themselves.  Thus enters the Bad Witch.  Supplementing with additional Probiotics helps get this ongoing balance back on track. 

Sometimes you have to drop a house on the bad witch..what can I say?  lol  But seriously you have to go at this type of imbalance with diligence!  Stay with it for lasting results.  I know many have heard the concept of taking a 'probiotic' after using an Antibiotic (causes diarrhea for many) but this is not the only time to use a probiotic.  

Stress, numerous prescription meds, sugar/yeasty foods are the main offenders that bring about the lack of balance.  Some symptoms you may be experiencing that you may not attribute to Yeast overgrowth:  constipation, diarrhea, colitis, IBS, canker sores, muscle/joint pain, congestion, nagging cough, , numbness/tingling in the extremities, acne, night sweats, itching, fibromyalgia, vaginitis/vaginal yeast, eczema, depression................  So you see - many of these issues are treated as they are...not always realizing there can be an underlying cause!!  Which is why many things keep coming back. 

I like to mix things up a bit when it comes to tackling this problem.  You might see one or more of these my counter:  a good over the counter probiotic (Lactobacillus acidophilus), my Olive Leaf, my Liver Detox Tea, eating more fresh garlic or various products I have with garlic in them, and pure coconut oil are all very helpful to get things back in balance.

Stick with this as you would a multi vitamin...and just realize it does help to change things up every now and then so your body doesn't get used to one thing.  

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