Thursday, April 18, 2013

Changes In The Making

Yes as those of you know on my email list I have taken a step back from RTH. Presently I only offer online consults for now and of course my products are still available.  I found after 16 years I am in need of a re-vamping of self and other ways I can help folks feel better.

Being stagnant,  bored or discontent just renders more of the same!  For many it can seem like it continues and there's no way out.  However by brushing off the cobwebs, by asking myself 'what do I like or want?' more often...(actually daily!) I find there's more and more out there that I can find to feel good and excited about. I am attracting information, people and inspiration to encourage it! I look around at others that seem to be living a more productive and fulfilling life...what do they do to amplify that?  And how can those of us in a rut, start doing the same? 

Ask yourself how you are feeling in general about life or where you are in life.  If you are feeling good - milk it!!  However if you have any feelings of sadness, discontent,  boredom, anger, fear/worry, all you have to do is ask - 'what is the opposite of that feeling?'  (pick one for now).  Mine was general discontent.  For me that rather encompasses alot - bored, un-motivated, anxious - maybe even a bit of hormones and mid-life 'stuff' creeping in.  I knew I was tired of feeling this way.  It's not 'living'. 

Soooo since I'm still not quite sure what the heck I want to do with my life - on a personal or professional level...I'm working on just generally 'feeling' better.  So that means I really have to consider some areas I CAN do something about.  I have a list of ideas or things I either love doing or have always wanted to do.  And I'm starting to do them.  One at a time...step by step...but it's better than sitting and feeling stuck. 

Improving my 'spirit' also improves my body and health.  It keeps me looking and feeling younger - I notice on the days I really make the effort to improve my mood, I actually receive complements on how I look!  Go figure. I also have more to give others and they benefit from my improved outlook as well.  Kinda nice being 'in the zone' for a change. 

Like I said...Changes in the making.