Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To SPICE Up Your Health

LOVING this time of year!!  If you step outside early one morning or  later in the quiet evening air you will see what I mean. I love the Fall and the way the air just smells more 'earthy'.   I find it extremely calming.  And it's no wonder, as our awareness of nature and the earthiness scent I'm talking about help us feel connected to something greater.

And since each season has it's own set of 'scents' I wanted to talk about some of the favorites that you will no doubt find yourself enjoying this time of year.

A few of my favorite spices come up quite a bit this time of year and holiday season.  Clove, Cinnamon and Ginger are used regularly in baking and holiday candies, beverages and goodies.  If I do use any or all of these in my baking, I always bake with healthier ideas in mind.  Less sugar and oils whenever possible.  Yet I will not skimp on taste. I also add to my coffee or different herbal teas for an added kick - and yummy on hot or refrigerated oatmeal.  Besides tasting these goodies in our food, the scents of them also are invigorating and health building.  I love using essential oils or the whole spice itself to simmer and scent the air.  

Ginger - We all know Ginger helps with upset stomach and motion sickness. If you need Ginger Ale for stomach issues...spend a little more and get some Ginger Beer (like Root Beer) in the health food section- Oh my, it's wonderful and you are really getting the good stuff!  Ginger also improves circulation, specifically in the hands and feet.  Ginger will also help with pain and inflammation of arthritis.  Many will enjoy Ginger as a tea.

Cinnamon - Many have heard that Cinnamon helps with blood sugars.  And it's true!  It does have to be taken regularly,  (capsule form is probably easiest), and of course you do have to keep track of your blood sugar levels. Cinnamon can also help with acid reflux and the scent can help with stimulating brain function. 

Cloves - Cloves have long been noted for their remarkable benefit of helping with the pain of toothaches and sore gums.  Apply directly to the area.  Cloves also can be a great bug repellant (essential oil in spray bottle with water)  Cloves are also anti fungal and can help with Yeast/Candida in the body.

Just a short list for each of these wonderful aromatic herbs/spices but since they are used so much this time of year I wanted you to know how much they can do for you.   Stock up or give as gifts - teas, cookies, essential oils or yummy ginger beer!  Many ways to enjoy!

Nature has us covered!



Monday, September 01, 2014

Natural Fix For Anxiety

In this video I'm talking about some safe, natural options for those with Anxiety. 

Yes I dealt with anxiety - for quiet a while.  For me it was a revolving door, as I was also dealing with Bowel issues at the same time.  One played off of the other.  Either way I felt controlled by both situations and it took a lot of experimenting on my part to find what worked.

Please realize that what worked for me may not work for you.  And at the same time I'd also like to say, don't give up looking for options if you have anxiety.  I had the option of medication back then...but I kept looking.  This is not to say there is anything wrong with medications for anxiety.  They can be a life saver, I know.  But I also know they can become a crutch,  and many never look any further, and become dependent on them to function.  I'm all about empowering others on helping themselves.  So take about 10 minutes and watch the video and see if anything sounds do-able for you or someone you know.  

And don't take my word on it - take my ideas and do some research as there's so much information out there. I hope this gives you a place to start.