Wednesday, December 21, 2011

5 Health Tips You Can Ignore

myth 6 I've always wanted to comment on some of these subjects when I hear folks discussing - Most times I hold my tongue as it's not that important.  But it irks me just the same!

1)  Cold Weather Increases Your Chances of Catching a Cold.   NOPE - You may get a chill if not properly dressed, but a cold, no.  The cold/flu virus comes by way of a 'germ' air born or by touching something.  So a good practice is to wash your hands when you come in from being out or occasionally while at work etc.

2) If You Exercise You Can Eat Whatever You Want - I wish!  Of course I wished I exercised more too! lol  But really...the bottom line is calories add up due to the foods we choose...and while exercise is a great idea to tone up and burn some calories..don't think you can 'chow down' just because you took that extra flight of stairs or did 30 min of cardio.  Cutting back on unhealthy foods and increasing exercise will help to do the job.

3) Low Salt Diets Are Good For You - Lots of new findings coming out saying the low salt diet may be doing more harm than good!  I always felt that was incomplete.  With salt I always felt whenever you start messing with a natural substance to make it more 'presentable' and nice looking (white) then how much of it is really what is should be?  I've used Celtic Sea Salt for over 15 yrs...and I LOVE it.  Enhances the taste of food...and you actually use less.  Full of the minerals from the ocean it's taken from..our bodies benefit.  Our body fluids are mostly a saline solution - makes sense to replace it in a healthy way.  Consider it this way, iodized table salt, and sea salt is like comparing hydrogenated vegetable oil to pure virgin olive oil.  Buffalo News Article

4) Attitude Has No Bearing on Our Health -  Again...I beg to differ!  Most of us are 'reactors' to our daily life.  Meaning we base our moods on how things do or don't go for us.  I know better and I still do it sometimes!  Read this from the Independent News UK:

"Robert Sapolsky, professor of biological sciences at Stanford University and an authority on stress, puts it like this: "In fight-or-flight, your body turns off all the long-term building and repair projects," he says. "Constant high levels of cortisol take your body's eye off the ball. Memory and accuracy are both impaired. Patrols for invaders aren't sent out, you tire more easily, you can become depressed and reproduction gets downgraded." Exposed to chronic stress for years, high blood levels of glucose and fatty acids increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes."

5)  I Don't Believe in Vitamins - Ok...maybe this isn't a 'myth' - ha...but I had to bring it up because I hear it soooo often!  When someone says this I almost want to respond with...then I suppose gravity is something you have a problem with too?  I know...sarcasm for sure!

But I do try to come back with a more intelligent answer than the statement, by pointing out that you don't have to 'believe' in vitamins...vitamins don't really care.  Vitamins are just 'there' - in our foods, in nature - they've been there since the beginning of time.  Nonchalantly supplying our bodies with nutrients (we decided to call them vitamins) that we use up as needed to keep healthy and strong. And since our food sources have changed so much...we are finding the good old vitamins that are supposed to be there have been stripped away by pesticides, genetically engineered foods, processing, etc.  So yes...most of us need to consider adding some nutrients to our daily diets.  I choose herbs or other concentrated supplements and I feel better for it.  Hopefully you are doing it too!

Just shedding some light on some practices you may want to re-think - hopefully to incorporate new thoughts and practices into your life and your family's.  ☺

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Boy oh boy...Am I getting high tech or what??   Ok..well, maybe low tech if there was such a word, meaning I realize I'm behind the times, but GETTING there.  That should count for something!  

Watch my swell video to learn about something that is happening in the new year!! Ladies forward to any of your friends who may be interested!  A full-packed day with so much you can use to improve your life in EVERY area! ☺