Friday, July 29, 2011

What Age Do You Want To Be?

For many reading this...if you honestly ask yourself how you feel in your body, the way it is right tend to feel your age.  And it doesn't matter how old you are.  Day to day, week to week an ongoing theme plays out where we will find an area to be unhappy with - weight, muscle tone, endurance, skin or hair issues, not to mention health issues we'd like to wave 'bye-bye' to. Maybe a job we detest, relationship that's blah or bank account balance that could be higher.   Put one or more of these 'undesirables' all together and suddenly we feel a certain age.  And as we focus and feel, so we become.

Yikes...put on the brakes!   It's high time to reinvent ourselves!!

Now what does THAT mean? a nutshell - reinventing yourself means you have to change your approach constantly to keep making room for improvement!  For me it can mean being hopeful, or learning something new - whether a new health remedy, new recipe, trying a new author or attempting to find new talent I never thought was inside of me!  How many of us have a mental list of things we always wondered about or wanted to try...either we were interested or wondered if we'd be any good at it!  But we talk ourselves out of it!  Reinvention keeps life fresh and gives you a chance to think critically about what parts of your life are working and what parts can be improved.  There's always room for improvement...for isn't that the progression of life?  Or shouldn't it be?  Seeking better for ourselves and those we care about.  Expanding who we are has changed the world we live in. Where would we be without re-invention and expansion??   Electricity, airplanes, health advances, the internet, computers, new business's, The Genie Bra  ....HA...had to throw that last one in to see if you were paying attention.  But you get my point.

I learn from those around me what kind of a difference it really does make.  You do too.  People that show you every day how they either, are or aren't reinventing themselves.  Some stay stuck and focused on the unwanted..and it shows.  Their demeanor, their health issues, their finances, relationships etc.  Then there are those who are looking at what is...and deciding...."hmm...there's got to be something I can focus on better than this!!

To tie this all in from my original title...How old do you want to feel?  I want to feel good, energetic, flexible, eager...not having to think twice about whether or not I can actually do or try something because of my 'age' and how well I''m aging, but to make that decision solely on whether I want to do it or not.  I've felt like that pretty much my entire life - recently I've gotten bogged down with a couple areas that I am not 'wanting' and I am working on my refocusing as every once in a while I start thinking about my age...and frankly I rarely do that when my focus is on what I want.  So this summer is a jump start for me.

You may have to practice this  'Reinventing' of yourself.  How?  Change your approach on a certain subject, tweak you goal, ask someone for help, give in to that idea you've always wanted to try but haven't, and always one that works for something nice for yourself first...THEN do something nice for someone else.  This always clears my mind, opens doors, gives me ideas, lightens my mood and helps me to rethink something or feel better about me.  When this happens, suddenly we walk taller, smile or laugh more, feel more optimistic, and choose differently. 

By doing this consistently, you will always go about your day and life NOT thinking about your age, what you can't do,INSTEAD feeling like life has just begun and what can I do next...Then it doesn't matter what your age is, cause it just keeps propelling us forward and FEELING good in the process.