Friday, August 17, 2012

Got An Itch? Poison Ivy Help

Happily the summer in WNY has been beautiful!  This means numerous activities have been happening outdoors.  Yay!  Now of course this will mean we may have a few issues we don't deal with during the cooler months, IE bug bites, sunburn, heat rash, and good old poison ivy or poison oak. 

I have a great fix for poison ivy, more than one actually but this one is related to a very recent testimony of a client.  I know of Peppermint (tea or essential oil) topically, bentonite clay (if don't have it handy, some have used a clay facial mask), or my Immune Boost (topically and by mouth)  Each remedy can be tested on small area first.  With my recent frantic phone call from client, he had tried over the counter drugstore remedies with minimal results.  Could I help??  

My first suggestion was the Bentonite clay.  It's drawing and soothing powers are second to none.  Thankfully he had a leftover container of my Colon Detox from a past bowel cleanse so it was perfect!  I told him to mix small amount (couple of tablespoons)  with water to make a paste and to apply over area.  It dries fairly quickly.  He could have added Immune Boost or peppermint but used what he had. He hung up to get started!

Within 10 minutes he called back.  "Wow...I felt relief as soon as I put it on!  Are you kidding?"  I laughed and told him it does work and that I was glad he found relief.  Told him he could keep it open to air and to change it a few times a day..and could loosely put saran wrap over it if going out etc, as it will start to flake off eventually.

All in all he was in a much better place than the first time he called, and I was glad to help!  My Colon product has numerous uses, food poisoning, diarrhea, IBS, Crohns, boils and more.  I always have some on hand. 

Mother Nature really does have answers - don't be afraid to look outside of the typical box!  

Questions?  Feel free to ask in the comment section below!