Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Never Too Early or Too Late To Start
Aging Well!

Well that's certainly a relief, but realize how true it is. I was listening to something recently about "getting older" and how we accept aging and decline as going hand in hand. But does it really? We all know those seeming exceptions to the rule - Those up in age a bit (or alot) who are still working, traveling, volunteering, gardening, attending parties etc and just enjoying daily life. These don't have to be exceptions - and that all starts with your belief and how you can tweak it and start enjoying life to the fullest where you are.

How can you encourage more Strength and Energy?

Starting tomorrow, how about stretching when you wake up? At least 2 minutes before you even leave your room. Staying limber is always to your benefit. How about setting a goal of being able to grab you toes/touch floor without bending your knees? Bet it won't take that long. For those with physical limitations, do your best. Also some resistance workout or muscle building is soooo beneficial. Holds off bone loss and keeps you stronger. Those resistance bands or light hand weights are perfect. DVDs or has basic workouts if you need ideas. Other simple add ons to your day...parking further away. Obviously if you have a health condition that limits you, don't worry about this one...but otherwise how much of a big deal is it to get the closest parking spot? I see so many able bodied folks cruising and circling the parking lots waiting for someone to leave! Sheesh...park where there's a spot and get on with it! I purposely park far a way to get some exercise. Basically all of this benefits you, keeps you active and builds you up.

B vitamins, Circulatory Herbs, OPC3 (srtongest antioxidant out there), Green Drinks - all play a role in encouraging and maintaining energy, youthfulness and graceful aging. And for those wanting some facial products that really do get for my next blog entry on items that can make a visible difference! (samples for those who comment on this post, so include your email)

What can you do to stay Mentally Sharp?

When did you last read a book? When did you last play a card game or board game - even a crossword puzzle? Have you written anything lately, ie letter, short story, goals? Maintained or started a new hobby? What are you waiting for? These are enjoyable, and very do-able but you have to keep it up and not just do it on rare occasion. I look forward to reading more than TV or movies and I always keep a book in my car or purse. So much to learn about or just lose yourself in - I love when I read something I had no idea about and it gets me interested in something brand new!

**Water, Gingko, Rosemary, OPC3, Omega 3, my Brain Formula, even walnuts all help to improve or maintain healthy brain function! **

How Do You Stay Emotionally/Spiritually Grounded?

I like to have some routines that bring peace of mind or relief from daily stress or concerns. Whether it's prayer, meditation, reading uplifting books, church, volunteering, nature- the outcome of all of these practices is to bring relief and hopeful outlooks. This should be a daily practice - NOT just when things seem troublesome. Having a good foundation and appreciative mindset when things are going pretty good or great, set the stage so you don't have such lows in the future. Quiet time anywhere is rejuvenating. A cup of tea/coffee or yummy fruit smoothie is a great way to nurture and practice some self care while enjoying that down time.

Having outlets that make you smile, laugh or just let loose are great too! I love having little and big things to look forward to. Constantly!! Like a carrot in front of the can propel you towards more of what you want for yourself and those you are close to.

All of the above are simple ways to keep on the path of wellness physically and emotionally. How do you stay on top of your well being?