Friday, September 13, 2013

Craving Experiences

I came to the realization that I've been "Craving Experiences" - that is what has been nagging me for the longest time.  Maybe I'm really not just hungry all the time lol - it was a different kind of hunger.  I can understand where the the whole 'mid life crisis' concept came from, but I'm thinking now it is people suddenly  waking up to what life really is.  It doesn't have to wait till mid-life to figure it out. Somehow we got things turned around early in life with the MUST DO concepts which really take over a huge bulk of our living. What happened to the fun, inspirational, motivating times?

So yes, I've started to notice what I haven't been doing and I know I'm not alone.  We get so bogged down with all the 'shoulds' - school, work, family obligations and responsibilities that we start to think that that's all there is.  Yes, those things can be a part of us. Great.  But now I know more!  We see people around us who seem to live in the same day in day out bubble of life.  Similar routine day after day, year after year.  We all fall into that category at times.  But Dang!  It gets REALLY old.  And is it really LIVING?  Are we really doing justice to the grandeur of the Universe?  There's a whole world out there to experience, learn from, wonder at - even if it means starting with something so basic as going 20 miles in a different direction in your own town! 

So along with 'craving experiences' which gets me to want to act, this means I'm also trying to 'change experiences' and this starts with my everyday thinking.  I'm not sure what this means to me in the long run, but I am working on a list of desires or thoughts to start with. Scientists tell us we have 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and 95% of them are similar to the ones we had yesterday, no wonder it seems the same!  I realize this is going to take some sincere attention!  Some changes may start with my everyday routine on subjects where I desire improvement, cause if things haven't changed in a while then it's my own thoughts bringing it about!  Eye opener!  Initially, changing things up might be a new activity at home or driving different routes in my neighborhood.  It might mean re-arranging your furniture or buying a totally NEW style of shirt or earrings you never considered.   I do know that at least writing down the areas I desire change in, where I can see them will be a conscious reminder of what I can experience.  YES EXPERIENCE.  I'm not a big goal setter as that always made me feel like I was setting myself up for failure. Just never worked for me.  For some it does.  HOWEVER - having a list of EXPERIENCES I'd like to enjoy, now that puts a whole new spin on things.
                                                                                                                                                            Some 'new things' I tried this year because I knew something was driving me to change:  Swing Dancing, Wildlife Volunteering, Hula Hooping,  New
Makeup, New Recipes, New Restaurants, Drive in the Country, New Coffee Flavor at Starbucks (hey it can start with the little things) you get the idea...while not an earth shattering list it is something and I intend on doing even better in future.  The point is I FELT something was needed to change and I started actual attempts to do something about it instead of dismissing it. 

If we are not growing we are stagnating...if it's true that the Universe/God is living through each of us - am I really living up to my potential?   NOW I know where all the desires and ideas are coming from.  :o) I have come to realize there are 2 things that make me feel really alive - GROWING and GIVING.  It's what does it for me.  Have you felt something similar?  Would love to hear your own inklings of desire  - because hearing and seeing others experiences can rev us up and encourage more of the same.  Here's to new experiences!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Blinded By The Light

Ah yes...that lovely glare when driving at night when someone approaches you.  I almost have to look away sometimes!   I've noticed that I feel changes happening with my vision.   I happen to have one eye that sees well up close and one that sees better far away...and have glasses to accommodate that, and I've been fine. Lately however,  I have been feeling I've been rubbing my eyes more, especially when reading or on computer a lot.   The last time I had my eyes checked the doc asked if I was having any issues reading.  I told him I seem to have to 're-adjust' after reading for a while, like 'refocusing'.   I was told since I was 'getting older' there may be changes happening that are common when reading etc.
This was my immediate reaction to that!

Lol, I think I held my tongue at the time, but I wasn't pleased.  However I do know I've had issues with night vision and feeling comfortable when driving when totally dark - mainly when I'm in new surroundings.  And if reading a lot (which I do!) I do notice some blinking and need for rubbing.  Sigh.  Yes I will go back in for my next eye test soon. I am also going to do a little work on my own.  I'm reading up a bit on the basic nutrients for eyes and I know what helps.  Vitamin A, most folks know helps with vision.  So I searched foods high in Vit A - I had NO idea that 1 medium carrot has a little over 10,000 IUs of Vitamin A!  Darn!  I'm not a fan of carrots...don't hate them but don't love them either.  So I was reading a basic list of foods that are high in Vitamin A - and Cantaloupe is one of them.  FUNNY that I've been eating a lot of cantaloupe in past few weeks and I don't think I've been rubbing my eyes as much!  Sheesh....time to start paying attention!  And if it helps my night vision too, I'll be laughing over

List of healthy food sources of Vitamin A - you can see it's plentiful:

Sweet Potato - 1 Medium - 22,000 IU (luckily a fav of mine)
Butternut Squash - 1cup  - 22,000 IU
Kale - 1 cup  - 10,000
Carrots - 1 Medium - 10,000 IU
Cantaloupe - 1/8 wedge - 5900 (a lot for 1 wedge!)  I eat half easily at once lol
Turnip Greens - 1 cup 6300
Mustard Greens-1 cup - 5800
Spinach - 1 cup -2500
Mango - 1 cup - 1700

I will be experimenting on myself  with eating more of these foods, and I'm also starting  to use my Herbal Eyewash as well.  I remember my dad using it many years ago to just 'try' it.  And he said over time he could read the racing results at the Horse Races from the stands without his glasses!  He was pretty pleased with himself.

So!  My point here is that more often than not if something comes up that doesn't please can be sure I will do a little research and figure out options! More of what I want instead of what I don't.   I've become very self reliant on myself, natural health and how my own thoughts can help me improve ANY situation.  This instance is no different.  I will be sure to report how things go in near future.  I'm certainly not against getting an updated prescription for my glasses, but if I can delay it or make it minimal, then I'm going to do it! 

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Emerging From A Cocoon

I am a nature lover!  Always have been - and it hasn't been till the past few months that I've really started to honor that part of me on a regular basis.  Years ago  I  watched the film of a caterpillar spinning itself into a cocoon and then later the transformation as the butterfly emerges.  An event most don't see or think about,  not realizing what even happens to get them there.   Even when just a kid I felt the magic of nature and knew that only something/someone good could have cared enough to create such beauty.  It wasn't till I was much older that I appreciated a spiritual presence in nature and gave more thought to the calming happiness I always felt when really paying attention to my surroundings when outdoors.

Granted I live in suburbia - so while I can step out my door to see the grass and trees and sky, I find I like to have that quiet, mysterious-like feel, when I'm off by myself somewhere a bit more private.  I also find VERY early mornings or odd hours at night a way to connect in a spiritual way with what I think of as Spirit or God, or the Universe.  Thank goodness for porches!  lol  I also used to like tents and forts and caves and 'hide-a-ways' as I always could find ways to appreciate the silence. Enjoying the quiet moments have intensified for me and I find myself seeking them out regularly for my own peace of mind and pleasure.

I've been taking these past few months to go within a bit more - to sort through what feels right and good to me.  It seems ongoing and yet I do feel progress.  My 'cocoon' timeline differs from the butterfly.  Yet I feel more confident with not 'knowing' exactly how some of the things I want for myself will come to be.  Kind of like the caterpillar winding up for the eventual transformation.  He just knows.  And it hasn't failed yet.

One thing that has come up resoundingly for me during this time is that Life Is Supposed To Be Fun.  I believe this with conviction!  And yet I can admit that it had become a fleeting thought  reserved only for when I was stressed to the max!  I'd realize I needed to relax and enjoy.  Happily I am trying to do it more often...daily, when I can.   I realized I had to DECIDE to make it a habit.  And it's working.  Treating myself or someone to some Starbucks, playing new music on my computer at work, bringing in a water fountain to work, watching more comedy, sitting down by the Niagara River anytime of day absorbing the magnificence so many don't really see or feel, exploring FUN places to volunteer, doing my morning yoga moves, meditating, strawberry picking with family-remembering doing the same when a kid.  

The point I'm making here is that I DECIDED to do this.  For me this has made it more of a habit and I can feel a shift in my overall outlook.  And it feels really really good too.  (patting self on back lol!)

The way to anything I have wanted in my life has always come when I decided I wanted something and an underlying belief that it would come about. What has made it easier has been taking more time out to just enjoy.  It never seems to fail.  I still try to encourage folks who have emotional and physical concerns to make that part of their life a priority.  Some look at me and I can see what they are thinking.."How is THAT going to improve what I am dealing with?"  They feel the need to worry and stress about it. But I know better now.  And happily some have taken on the challenge.  I love seeing the light in their eyes that they are allowed to even consider it!  

Here's to learning how to have the faith of a caterpillar to get where YOU are wanting to go in life. Start preparing for a pleasant outcome!  

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Changes In The Making

Yes as those of you know on my email list I have taken a step back from RTH. Presently I only offer online consults for now and of course my products are still available.  I found after 16 years I am in need of a re-vamping of self and other ways I can help folks feel better.

Being stagnant,  bored or discontent just renders more of the same!  For many it can seem like it continues and there's no way out.  However by brushing off the cobwebs, by asking myself 'what do I like or want?' more often...(actually daily!) I find there's more and more out there that I can find to feel good and excited about. I am attracting information, people and inspiration to encourage it! I look around at others that seem to be living a more productive and fulfilling life...what do they do to amplify that?  And how can those of us in a rut, start doing the same? 

Ask yourself how you are feeling in general about life or where you are in life.  If you are feeling good - milk it!!  However if you have any feelings of sadness, discontent,  boredom, anger, fear/worry, all you have to do is ask - 'what is the opposite of that feeling?'  (pick one for now).  Mine was general discontent.  For me that rather encompasses alot - bored, un-motivated, anxious - maybe even a bit of hormones and mid-life 'stuff' creeping in.  I knew I was tired of feeling this way.  It's not 'living'. 

Soooo since I'm still not quite sure what the heck I want to do with my life - on a personal or professional level...I'm working on just generally 'feeling' better.  So that means I really have to consider some areas I CAN do something about.  I have a list of ideas or things I either love doing or have always wanted to do.  And I'm starting to do them.  One at a time...step by step...but it's better than sitting and feeling stuck. 

Improving my 'spirit' also improves my body and health.  It keeps me looking and feeling younger - I notice on the days I really make the effort to improve my mood, I actually receive complements on how I look!  Go figure. I also have more to give others and they benefit from my improved outlook as well.  Kinda nice being 'in the zone' for a change. 

Like I said...Changes in the making. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Random Acts Of Kindness

I'm a sucker for Valentines Day, I always have been.  Maybe it's because my mom always made a fun day out of it when we were younger, but it's just a 'feel' good day in the middle of what is usually a bleak winter month!  

On top of that it's also Random Acts Of Kindness Week.  I already started doing little things for people including learning some silly jokes to tell to customers when they come in.  Regardless of what you can or can't do (it doesn't have to cost money!), it's just a nice way to acknowledge that others benefit from our kindness and we do too.

Oh...and don't hesitate to treat yourself to a personal act of kindness.  As the old saying goes "Treat others the way you would treat yourself!"

Feel free to read some stories from others for your own inspiration! Click the link below

Random Acts Of Kindness Stories

Happy Valentines Day!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paying More Attention-Core Values

I had been feeling rather blah, hey it happens - perhaps some of it winter blahs...but I knew it was more than that.  I know I've talked about things to do when feeling depressed and this is similar but another take on what you can pinpoint, just for you! I was feeling minimal motivation, going through the motions of my day, even my days off - then I really knew something wasn't right!!  I hate to waste a day off...although I do take some days and do NOTHING. ☺  I asked for help and clarity from someone, and they brought something to my attention and she asked if I was honoring my 'core values'.  Huh!  I had to stop,  as frankly I was trying to think..."do I have core values??" lol Turns out I do! I imagine you do too!  She asked me if I was neglecting areas in my life that brought me joy.  Not the big, giant goodies, but the everyday stuff.  I really had to think as my first reaction was "no" I don't think so.  Then she said -are there things you like to do and say you will do, but haven't gotten around to doing lately? (and not because you have to, because YOU want to)

Ah!....Lightbulb moment!  Yes...this was true for me.  I had to take some time, but I came up with a couple basic ones I could pinpoint right away, but one in particular.   I LOVE nature. It soothes me, feels rejeuvenating, inspires me and I can actually feel like I'm surrounded by something that loves me - odd, I know, but as much as I love nature I when I'm out in it, I feel as if 'something/someone is loving me back just as much.  Why have I ignored that??  Whether my porch on early mornings or late at night...out for a walk in the park or neighborhood, on a beach or out camping - I think this is also why horsebackriding has always been so soothing for me.  The best of both - horses AND nature.  A win win.  Anyway, I had been putting off a walk or an outing due to the cold - and that same day it was chilly but not windy and I went to a nearby park and walked for about 45 minutes. I appreciated the fresh air and the trees...(I also love trees).  Even thinking about it now feels good!  And I'd been putting it off!!  WTH??  Why do we do this?  

So folks when you feel kind of 'off' - a little down or just not motivated, perhaps you can ask yourself if you've been paying attention to your CORE values.  And then do something to fix it, sooner rather than later.