Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Beginnings

Wow...Middle of September already....!!  August flew by for me...I moved and am still getting settled - I have to admit it took a lot out of me - change...which in this case is good, but it still doesn't mean there isn't a 'getting used to it' period.  I'm finding that out!  But as the dust settles I'm finding lots to appreciate about where we used to be and where I am now.  All in attitude!!

Now the weather is also changing.  Big surprise - lol  But I absolutely LOVE Fall.  I love the colors, the smells, wood burning fireplaces, gorgeous trees, long walks, cool nights-the change over to different clothes again...more blankets on the bed, you get the idea.  Change can be good!  Again it's all attitude.  Granted summer is winding down...but what a beautiful summer we had here, in Western NY.  NO complaints at all...we really enjoyed some amazing weather.  So it's time to move forward.

So with a new season's a perfect time to make some changes in our own worlds.  What have you been thinking about or curious about lately that you haven't acted on?  A possible job or career change?  A new exercise or eating program?  A cool vacation trip you've always been curious about?  A class you've been itching to take?  Why not do it?  Or at least make some calls to see what may be possible for you to at least make some plans.  Involve the family or your kids with any of these...make them a part of the process.  Moving forward is what it's all about, and if you are like me, having something to look forward to, gives that process a whole new meaning.

What does this all have to do with our health?  Getting healthy or staying healthy?  Well - as the winter months approach, finding ways to enjoy the days ahead, instead of focusing on the cold and snow, blah days, or possibility of cold and flu season - now you can focus on all the good that you have in front of you.  You see, as I've been saying for you think and how you approach ANYTHING has a direct effect on outcome.  So if you are focused on what's good, positive, etc, you attract more of the same into your daily experience.  It stands to reason that feeling good physically will also be a part of that outcome.

So start making a list of what you enjoy, or would like to enjoy over the next few months.... and you will see all kinds of opportunities present themselves to you - you will see how much Divine Energy wants to be like a fairy-godmother to each of us..and will scramble to help you to 'have it all' and have fun in the process.

PS...Happy Birthday to my sister Joan! :o)