Sunday, October 02, 2011

Being A Little Squirelly...

I find this time of year it pays to be a 'little squirrelly'.  And by that I mean doing a bit of gathering to be ready for the upcoming months.  It's kind of like having the basic staples in your pantry for when you want to make something - stuff you always try to have on hand as it can be such a nuisance when you are in the middle of a recipe to find you are out of one or two ingredients.  Bummer!!
There is nothing worse than needing something right at that moment and having to put on the brakes and grumble to yourself that you should have checked first, *@#! it all!!   Yes...'bummer' is probably not the word that comes out of my mouth in that instance - lol.  But you get my drift.

The winter months are no different.  I'd rather have what I need and never use it, instead of kicking myself for being without.  Peace of mind counts for alot...I mean why add more stress to this time of year, knowing you 'should' have had this or should have done order to be ready.  

There is no reason you and your family can't breeze through the fall/winter months and the typical cold and flu season, feeling great!  I'm taking orders for my infamous "Immune Boost' as well as my powerful 'Anti-Plague' formula...Both come in capsules and liquid tincture. I keep something at work or in my purse at all I hate when I'm exposed to folks coughing and sneezing around me and I have nothing to take till I get home.  I find I can avoid 90% of germs by taking something as soon as possible  And I'm not a fanatic but I'm good at washing my hands at work, or as soon as I get home from being out in public - and especially before you eat.

My basic checklist to have on hand for winters in Western NY:

Immune Boost 
Herbal Throat Spray
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Throat Coat Tea
Ginger Tea (fun flavors out there..but helps with fevers)
Candles and Batteries for flashlights
More canned products on hand in case of electricity issues. 
Splurge on the soft tissues!

Hopefully you will join me in being a little 'squirrely' this season.  This is one area you can control more than you think.  And don't hesitate to take advantage of my online consultation special running - 50% discount - Online Consult Special

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