Monday, February 06, 2012

I was enjoying Tess's blog post and I asked if I could run it here!  Even if only a couple of these resonate with you, it's worth it!!  Enjoy!  

150 Bold Tips about Life, People & Wisdom
by Tess Marshall - at The Bold Life

  1. Offer others your wisdom
  2. Don't give unasked for advice.
  3. Accept that everyone isn't on your path.
  4. Pay for your dates dinner.
  5. Plant a tree.
  6. Learn to love yourself.
  7. Stop whining. Change what you complain about. Let the rest go.
  8. Get involved in something you believe in.
  9. Believe in yourself.
  10. Enjoy your journey.
  11. Learn how to deal with anger, yours, and others.
  12. Use music to change your mood.
  13. Compliment others often. Never leave kind words unsaid.
  14. Don't save your good stuff for later.
  15. Affection isn't earned, it's freely given.
  16. Live with less of everything…except love.
  17. Visit Alaska.
  18. Have a “Yes” so big it allows you to say “No.”
  19. Learn how to say, “No, that’s not going to work for me.” Don’t offer an excuse.
  20. Stop buying expensive coffee.
  21. Use the money saved for a trip at the end of the year.
  22. Buy a good pair of New Balance athletic shoes and walk or run consistently.
  23. Learn how to receive. Just say, “Thank you!”
  24. Learn to enjoy reading.
  25. Admit when you’re wrong.
  26. Let others have the last word.
  27. Let go of quilt. It's wasted energy.
  28. Touch the people you love.
  29. Paint something.
  30. Respect yourself. Don't tolerate abuse.
  31. Learn to apologize.
  32. Learn to dislike fast food.
  33. Eat mindfully.
  34. Change the oil in your car regularly.
  35. Never visit someone empty handed.
  36. Be who you are.
  37. Understand and accept your weaknesses and shortcomings. Everyone has them.
  38. Always hold the door open for the person behind you.
  39. Call your mother today. Better yet, send her chocolates.
  40. Spend time listening to a child’s laugh.
  41. Find out what brings you joy. Then do it.
  42. Learn about fine art and classical music.
  43. Create your own health program.
  44. Take responsibility for your own happiness.
  45. Listen to your gut. It's never wrong. Never.
  46. Keep your surroundings neat and clean.
  47. Practice compassion and loving kindness.
  48. Learn about a different culture.
  49. Celebrate your strengths and successes.
  50. Allow yourself pleasure.
  51. Keep a gratitude journal.
  52. Make the first move. Don't keep score of who did what last.
  53. Learn how to fix things. Over time it will save you a fortune.
  54. Tap into your own genius.
  55. Decide fear won't stop you.
  56. Learn to deal with rejection. Everyone won't give you what you want.
  57. Create a vision for your future.
  58. Refuse to participate in uncomfortable situations.
  59. Create romance in your relationship.
  60. Smile more.
  61. Laugh frequently. It's a good thing.
  62. Listen to someone you disagree with. Remain neutral.
  63. Change a habit. Then change another.
  64. Get outside and smell the day.
  65. Always leave a big tip. Teach that the world is a generous place.
  66. Stop blaming others for your misery.
  67. Focus on one task at a time.
  68. Spend one day working in the fields with migrant workers. Then ask yourself if they are taking our jobs.
  69. Send thank you cards the old fashioned way.
  70. Wear sunscreen.
  71. Volunteer in a children’s hospital ward.
  72. Go the extra mile.
  73. Walk your date to the door.
  74. Be courageous. Break up with someone face to face.
  75. Learn what projection and how to accept it.
  76. Don’t take things personally.
  77. What people do is about them. How you respond is about you.
  78. Bring flowers to someone. Buy a single stem for yourself.
  79. Write poetry. It soothes your soul.
  80. Count your blessings. When is the last time you were grateful for your refrigerator?
  81. Be inspired by slam poetry. What a skill.
  82. Be impeccably groomed. Dress up on low energy days.
  83. Enjoy chocolate.
  84. Learn to change your emotional state.
  85. Forgive your parents.
  86. Write down what you promise others.
  87. Do the work.
  88. Practice gratitude.
  89. Agree to disagree.
  90. Be willing to compromise.
  91. Love toxic people from a distance.
  92. Remain true to your dreams and visions.
  93. Eliminate all forms of negative media from you life.
  94. Live the life you’ve imagined.
  95. Be true to yourself.
  96. Embrace the present.
  97. Just begin.
  98. Give thanks in advance.
  99. Use your imagination.
  100. Collaborate with others.
  101. Learn to admit, “I don’t know.”
  102. Find something to believe in.
  103. Get the help you need.
  104. Learn how to cook.
  105. Dare to be your best.
  106. Take risks. Do what scares you.
  107. See beauty in world.
  108. Celebrate what’s right with the world.
  109. Do something brilliant every day.
  110. Encourage others.
  111. Make a difference.
  112. Continue to learn something new.
  113. Mentor someone.
  114. Learn to be frugal.
  115. Spend time with children and the elderly.
  116. Be honest about your taxes.
  117. Wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day.
  118. Don’t bet against yourself. Believe in yourself.
  119. Don’t clutter your mind or environment.
  120. Give anonymously.
  121. Don’t believe your own thoughts.
  122. Drop your story.
  123. Jump for joy.
  124. Take naps.
  125. Expect the best.
  126. End your relationship before you sleep with someone else.
  127. Learn how to meditate.
  128. Don’t text and drive.
  129. Be happy for the success of others.
  130. Don’t drink and drive.
  131. Don’t drink, text, and drive.
  132. Be inspired. Read and listen to good stuff.
  133. Remember this too shall pass, it always has and always will.
  134. Learn how to express yourself intelligently.
  135. Be a mindful driver.
  136. Thank a teacher.
  137. Become a mentor.
  138. Appreciate nature.
  139. Be the love you want to find.
  140. Notice small things; a blade of grass, a snowflake, tree bark.
  141. Surround yourself with happy people.
  142. Don't think about your problems. Solve them.
  143. Give up control and manipulation.
  144. Positively anticipate the future.
  145. Learn how to grow things.
  146. Where you find love lacking, offer love.
  147. Spend less time at work and more time at play.
  148. Learn self-restraint.
  149. Learn how to relax.
  150. Be bold!

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