Thursday, July 19, 2012

Will I Be On Oprah?

Having just returned from a week of volunteering and attending the Seduction of Spirit event in Chicago with the Chopra Center (yes my daughter and I met Deepak Chopra, MD!)  I am refreshed with my intent to keep balanced!  ☺

As for my debut on Oprah or OWN network- well, let's just say it's possible! ;o)  HARPO productions were there filming Deepak for an upcoming show, and my daughter Rachael and I were in the audience, so ANYTHING is possible!  Exciting!

I will be sharing more of what I learned while away in the  near future, as the info I gathered reinforced my beliefs that we DO have control over our lives, health, work, relationships, money etc!!  Yay!  Yet what I wanted to concentrate on today is helping you develop a 'Spiritual Retreat' for yourself, whenever you need one! 

I find when I work with clients or talk to small groups, one of my questions is to ask "what do you do regularly to combat stress, or de-stress when having a tough day (or week, month etc)?"  Most people sit for minute or so before answering...and more often than not, they don't have much to share!  I find this a shame!  What I find and maybe you do too, is that we tend to scramble for some way to 'relax' or 'veg out' when we have really reached the end of our rope!  I find this can be the old, too little, too late approach!

This week I am working on figuring out what 'floats my boat' as far as calming me, inspiring me and just helping me find some quiet and relief from my thoughts and worries.  Sometimes I really want clarity and some PEACE from what's been in my face all day!  So I'm looking at CDs and downloading some music for my Ipod, I'm looking for comfy and pretty pillows I can use to sit on or prop my back up with, and I'm getting some incense this weekend to use for smudging - I still have some sage I've used in the past, but we used incense every day at the Chopra event.  If you are not familiar with smudging, it's been around for EVER, and the basic idea behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to negative energy and as it clears it takes the negative energy with it, releasing it into another space to be regenerated.  Works for me!  Plus if you love the scent it just 'FEELS' good!  Can't hurt in my book.(I could use a boatload at work!)

Some benefits I've noticed:  Calmer, better mood, things irritate me less, more ideas, laugh more, sleep better - just to name a few.   Could this work for you?  Hmmm - I see some health benefits in the making! 

A pretty plant, music/Ipod, comfortable surroundings - are you getting inspired?  Having this space set up in your home- even a small corner somewhere, can draw you in when you are walking past to help set the mood for some quiet time to get connected.  We can ALL  use a little me time these days - even if it's a few minutes once or twice a day!  Start setting the stage for something that I know can make a difference in your everyday - time for some long awaited inspiration!   Have a wonderful weekend!

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