Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Paying More Attention-Core Values

I had been feeling rather blah, hey it happens - perhaps some of it winter blahs...but I knew it was more than that.  I know I've talked about things to do when feeling depressed and this is similar but another take on what you can pinpoint, just for you! I was feeling minimal motivation, going through the motions of my day, even my days off - then I really knew something wasn't right!!  I hate to waste a day off...although I do take some days and do NOTHING. ☺  I asked for help and clarity from someone, and they brought something to my attention and she asked if I was honoring my 'core values'.  Huh!  I had to stop,  as frankly I was trying to think..."do I have core values??" lol Turns out I do! I imagine you do too!  She asked me if I was neglecting areas in my life that brought me joy.  Not the big, giant goodies, but the everyday stuff.  I really had to think as my first reaction was "no" I don't think so.  Then she said -are there things you like to do and say you will do, but haven't gotten around to doing lately? (and not because you have to, because YOU want to)

Ah!....Lightbulb moment!  Yes...this was true for me.  I had to take some time, but I came up with a couple basic ones I could pinpoint right away, but one in particular.   I LOVE nature. It soothes me, feels rejeuvenating, inspires me and I can actually feel like I'm surrounded by something that loves me - odd, I know, but as much as I love nature I when I'm out in it, I feel as if 'something/someone is loving me back just as much.  Why have I ignored that??  Whether my porch on early mornings or late at night...out for a walk in the park or neighborhood, on a beach or out camping - I think this is also why horsebackriding has always been so soothing for me.  The best of both - horses AND nature.  A win win.  Anyway, I had been putting off a walk or an outing due to the cold - and that same day it was chilly but not windy and I went to a nearby park and walked for about 45 minutes. I appreciated the fresh air and the trees...(I also love trees).  Even thinking about it now feels good!  And I'd been putting it off!!  WTH??  Why do we do this?  

So folks when you feel kind of 'off' - a little down or just not motivated, perhaps you can ask yourself if you've been paying attention to your CORE values.  And then do something to fix it, sooner rather than later.   


Rachael Lowe said...

YAY! Very true. It's so easy to get pulled away from those basic things. Thanks for sharing - proud of you!

Katy said...

Thank you - baby steps! :o)