Thursday, August 01, 2013

Emerging From A Cocoon

I am a nature lover!  Always have been - and it hasn't been till the past few months that I've really started to honor that part of me on a regular basis.  Years ago  I  watched the film of a caterpillar spinning itself into a cocoon and then later the transformation as the butterfly emerges.  An event most don't see or think about,  not realizing what even happens to get them there.   Even when just a kid I felt the magic of nature and knew that only something/someone good could have cared enough to create such beauty.  It wasn't till I was much older that I appreciated a spiritual presence in nature and gave more thought to the calming happiness I always felt when really paying attention to my surroundings when outdoors.

Granted I live in suburbia - so while I can step out my door to see the grass and trees and sky, I find I like to have that quiet, mysterious-like feel, when I'm off by myself somewhere a bit more private.  I also find VERY early mornings or odd hours at night a way to connect in a spiritual way with what I think of as Spirit or God, or the Universe.  Thank goodness for porches!  lol  I also used to like tents and forts and caves and 'hide-a-ways' as I always could find ways to appreciate the silence. Enjoying the quiet moments have intensified for me and I find myself seeking them out regularly for my own peace of mind and pleasure.

I've been taking these past few months to go within a bit more - to sort through what feels right and good to me.  It seems ongoing and yet I do feel progress.  My 'cocoon' timeline differs from the butterfly.  Yet I feel more confident with not 'knowing' exactly how some of the things I want for myself will come to be.  Kind of like the caterpillar winding up for the eventual transformation.  He just knows.  And it hasn't failed yet.

One thing that has come up resoundingly for me during this time is that Life Is Supposed To Be Fun.  I believe this with conviction!  And yet I can admit that it had become a fleeting thought  reserved only for when I was stressed to the max!  I'd realize I needed to relax and enjoy.  Happily I am trying to do it more often...daily, when I can.   I realized I had to DECIDE to make it a habit.  And it's working.  Treating myself or someone to some Starbucks, playing new music on my computer at work, bringing in a water fountain to work, watching more comedy, sitting down by the Niagara River anytime of day absorbing the magnificence so many don't really see or feel, exploring FUN places to volunteer, doing my morning yoga moves, meditating, strawberry picking with family-remembering doing the same when a kid.  

The point I'm making here is that I DECIDED to do this.  For me this has made it more of a habit and I can feel a shift in my overall outlook.  And it feels really really good too.  (patting self on back lol!)

The way to anything I have wanted in my life has always come when I decided I wanted something and an underlying belief that it would come about. What has made it easier has been taking more time out to just enjoy.  It never seems to fail.  I still try to encourage folks who have emotional and physical concerns to make that part of their life a priority.  Some look at me and I can see what they are thinking.."How is THAT going to improve what I am dealing with?"  They feel the need to worry and stress about it. But I know better now.  And happily some have taken on the challenge.  I love seeing the light in their eyes that they are allowed to even consider it!  

Here's to learning how to have the faith of a caterpillar to get where YOU are wanting to go in life. Start preparing for a pleasant outcome!  

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