Friday, September 13, 2013

Craving Experiences

I came to the realization that I've been "Craving Experiences" - that is what has been nagging me for the longest time.  Maybe I'm really not just hungry all the time lol - it was a different kind of hunger.  I can understand where the the whole 'mid life crisis' concept came from, but I'm thinking now it is people suddenly  waking up to what life really is.  It doesn't have to wait till mid-life to figure it out. Somehow we got things turned around early in life with the MUST DO concepts which really take over a huge bulk of our living. What happened to the fun, inspirational, motivating times?

So yes, I've started to notice what I haven't been doing and I know I'm not alone.  We get so bogged down with all the 'shoulds' - school, work, family obligations and responsibilities that we start to think that that's all there is.  Yes, those things can be a part of us. Great.  But now I know more!  We see people around us who seem to live in the same day in day out bubble of life.  Similar routine day after day, year after year.  We all fall into that category at times.  But Dang!  It gets REALLY old.  And is it really LIVING?  Are we really doing justice to the grandeur of the Universe?  There's a whole world out there to experience, learn from, wonder at - even if it means starting with something so basic as going 20 miles in a different direction in your own town! 

So along with 'craving experiences' which gets me to want to act, this means I'm also trying to 'change experiences' and this starts with my everyday thinking.  I'm not sure what this means to me in the long run, but I am working on a list of desires or thoughts to start with. Scientists tell us we have 60 to 70,000 thoughts a day, and 95% of them are similar to the ones we had yesterday, no wonder it seems the same!  I realize this is going to take some sincere attention!  Some changes may start with my everyday routine on subjects where I desire improvement, cause if things haven't changed in a while then it's my own thoughts bringing it about!  Eye opener!  Initially, changing things up might be a new activity at home or driving different routes in my neighborhood.  It might mean re-arranging your furniture or buying a totally NEW style of shirt or earrings you never considered.   I do know that at least writing down the areas I desire change in, where I can see them will be a conscious reminder of what I can experience.  YES EXPERIENCE.  I'm not a big goal setter as that always made me feel like I was setting myself up for failure. Just never worked for me.  For some it does.  HOWEVER - having a list of EXPERIENCES I'd like to enjoy, now that puts a whole new spin on things.
                                                                                                                                                            Some 'new things' I tried this year because I knew something was driving me to change:  Swing Dancing, Wildlife Volunteering, Hula Hooping,  New
Makeup, New Recipes, New Restaurants, Drive in the Country, New Coffee Flavor at Starbucks (hey it can start with the little things) you get the idea...while not an earth shattering list it is something and I intend on doing even better in future.  The point is I FELT something was needed to change and I started actual attempts to do something about it instead of dismissing it. 

If we are not growing we are stagnating...if it's true that the Universe/God is living through each of us - am I really living up to my potential?   NOW I know where all the desires and ideas are coming from.  :o) I have come to realize there are 2 things that make me feel really alive - GROWING and GIVING.  It's what does it for me.  Have you felt something similar?  Would love to hear your own inklings of desire  - because hearing and seeing others experiences can rev us up and encourage more of the same.  Here's to new experiences!

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