Saturday, March 15, 2014

Anyone Can Do A One Day Detox!

I'm all for not complicating matters.

 When faced with something that feels like a chore we tend to put it lower on the list, where it tends to stay!  After our LONG-ASS, cold, winter...(Yes I'm being rather 'cheeky' but it seems to fit)  I am more than ready to wave bye-bye to Winter and welcome Spring and all that comes with it!

I've been looking into new ways of gardening - I've done regular gardening and container gardening, and am looking into some vertical gardening. Pretty cool stuff!  I'm also checking out areas I may wantto explore outdoors, whether for walking or simple places to read or meditate as it really improves my overall sense of well-being and I've so missed it!

I'm also more than ready to lighten up my eating, and yes even for 1 day you will feel a difference and your body feels it too!  When I do these mini detox's I keep it simple!  This is KEY!  Little to no preparation, just some items to get when out doing your regular shopping! 

Ready for my big plan?? 

RAW FOOD for 1 day - and plenty of water and herb tea. 

That's all she wrote!  Easy or what??  Now for those who aren't quite up to speed with what that may mean, you can certainly google what a raw food diet consists of.  But since I've done it many times I'll give you the basics.  I only eat fresh, uncooked live foods.  All plant based.   This means fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds.  

My day may look like this:

Breakfast:  Bowl of fresh fruit (as much as I want) 

Snack:  more fruit and or maybe some sunflower seeds or other raw nuts (health food stores or Wegmans has nice bulk area in Natural Mart- so I only buy what I need for the day)

Lunch: Big salad!  (I always think of that Seinfeld episode when I say 'Big Salad' lol) This just means lots of different greens, veggies, maybe even a chopped up apple & some nuts.   I make my own salad dressing. (lots of great recipes on, or just use some  oil, vinegar, salt, pepper and some garlic or onion powder and toss.  

Snack: Any of the could be an apple, more nuts, cup of tea 

Dinner:  Guacamole (any time of day, but I save for dinner) with fresh garlic and red onion, I dip some thin sliced celery in or spread on thin sliced cucumber.  I LOVE GUACAMOLE  and actually eat it once a week regardless!  I may also have a tomato/cuke/onion salad on side

Snack:  If I still need a snack..might be small bowl of fresh fruit or some nuts/apple.  

It doesn't have to be so involved...the only realy 'prep' is making sure you have the food items on hand.  I buy organic when I can...but don't let that stop you.  Wash your food well and just do it.  More organics and fresh options when the farmers market's open and then you can do it more often! 

I also take some of my Colon Cleanse the night before - (well I take it more often but on these days, it's a definite)  Why not clear things out and help the body even more?

Pick a day and just do it!  I will do it on a work day or weekend, just depends on my schedule.  If you are prepared, there is no reason NOT to give it a go.  Helps with maintaining or losing some weight too, if you do more than one day per week.  

Carlton dancing

Needless to say I can't tell how much I'm looking forward to Spring! Enough to do a happy dance! Remember Carlton?   HA!  

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