Sunday, December 28, 2008

Lordy...2009 is upon us and I don't mind a bit. Mind you 2008 was a pretty good year. Met new people, traveled a bit, enjoyed some down time, worked on 'moi' in various ways...working out, spiritual, work/business and generally just doing more things that felt good to little ol' me. No wonder I feel pretty good these days. Funny how you can still have time for all kinds of stuff even if you are taking (what some label 'selfish') more time for yourself!

I've had more fun discovering things I used to do and new things to try. I'm only recently working on getting rid of the 'fear factor' that seems to be an over-extended guest in my house. Not always in the way, but irritating just the same. I believe it has kept me from doing things I believe I'd like to do! What the hell? Anyway - I decided to work on telling more and more of my fears or 'hesitations' to TAKE A HIKE and it seems to be working. Granted it's a process, but what isn't??

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