Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

I've decided to try and think of the fun holidays coming up instead of dwelling on the soon to come winter weather. My mom always embraced all the different reasons to celebrate the various holidays...each had their own set of window decorations or home 'decor' she would set out. Food, and special cookies or recipes too! I must say, as a kid I enjoyed it and made all the different holidays something to look forward too. Halloween, My Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines...See? If you put it that way the next 5-6 months CAN be something to anticipate!

Hopefully you have some fun traditions, decorations and treats you can use to enjoy the next few months - positive distractions make everything more enjoyable. Have a few friends over, learn how to knit or crochet, cook or bake a family favorite and how about volunteering occasionally to cheer up someone else?

The colder months tend to keep us closer to home, keeping warm and a bit of hibernating. I love this as I like having projects or changing rooms or furniture around, making my space more homey in general. Don't forget your office too! And then there are times you must get outside and get some air... enjoy the crisp days, especially when the sun is out. Bundle up, go for a walk or visit someone or grab a coffee and read the paper. Cabin fever can set in if you stay too isolated, so know the signs of feeling blah or bored and do something about it! Vitamin D3 is flying off the shelves right about now, and with good reason. Extremely helpful with your Immune System, hormonal system and prevention of SAD (seasonal effective disorder) - don't write off Vitamin D3 as unimportant.

So get out the couch blankets, fuzzy slippers, flannel sheets and hot chocolate - stock up on soups, teas and some immune supplements and snuggle in. This can be a wonderful time of year when you plan on it!

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