Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Childhood home

My Attitude of Gratitude

I actually do this in an email to myself 'most' days.  Most of the time means could do better!  Luckily the Thanksgiving holiday makes me more aware of my laziness!

What am I thankful for?

My daughter Rachael of whom I am infinitely proud and love more each day
My sister Joan, my brothers and their families
My boyfriend Kevin
My parents, sister Linda and loved ones who have moved on to non physical who are always near
A happy childhood
My best friend Heather and close friends
My ongoing curiosity that keeps me moving forward and wanting to know and be better
My love of reading!!
The internet and computers/technology
Nature - grass, woods, birds, (some bugs lol) water, mountains, sunshine
Our cat Jasmine who understands my moods!
Natural therapies and answers to anything we need if we ask
Law of Attraction and knowing we choose what we want
My new car
My 2 business's
My job as a stepping stone
Money in the bank
Good movies, music
My new exercise bike
Fun memories that make me laugh till I cry
Living in the United States
Did I say reading? :o)
Things that smell good to me - cut grass, the ocean/beach, horses, good food, rainy mornings, suntan lotion, musty basements, cold days with no snow, dollar bills, wood fire...

I could go on, but you get the drift.  Take some time out to email yourself or write a list when you have 5 minutes - anytime is the right time.  Feelings that go with your appreciation or gratitude draw more good into your life.  Worth the 5 minutes.


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