Monday, April 04, 2011

What's Shaking?     

When asked this a few weeks ago,  I pretty much sat there for a bit running through my thoughts to see what I could come up with! Turns out I couldn't really come up with anything new, interesting or worth mentioning.  I realize it was probably meant as one of those bland statements like " have a nice day" that we say it to someone in passing, but me being me...I started thinking about that later and realized I have been in a bit of a rut.

Living in Buffalo I use the excuse of our never-ending winter to have allowed me to feel stale in my day to day existence.  But even I know it's an excuse..and allows us to become stale if we start believing it.  I am very good at coming up with great ideas and encouragement for someone else...but I realize no one is really prodding me to do the same.(until recently) :o) But I also know it should start with me!

Sooo...prodded by a recent email for a 'deal' from Living Social - I signed up for a once a week yoga class for 5 weeks - perfect for me as it's close by and only an hour.  Since I'm still in beginner-mode I know I could use a bit of formal education so I can feel good about my practice at home.  I must say it feels good to have something positive to focus on.  Nothing extraordinary, but something.  So now I have an answer when someone asks me 'What's new?'   I'd like to make it a more regular occurrence - my trying something new.  Spring isn't the only time to consider it...actually each week is a great 'starting' point to consider, plan and investigate something you've always been interested in or have wondered about.

And as luck may have it, when I was writing this post, I had also whined to my best bud Heather across the ocean about my blahs - and before I even mentioned this post I was working on, she came up with the same or better idea!  Her idea was to write down the areas in my life that were feeling blah, stale or simply unacceptable to me at this stage in my life.  I was thinking...good lord, where do I start? ha!  But seriously, whether it's a bit of mid-life issues or just feeling out of sorts due to a long stale winter, I knew she was right.

I know the areas that have felt under my skin.  And again as she pointed out...we DO have control and it's up to us to take a stand!!  The Yoga is a beginning for me, for I have felt very hum drum about my lack of exercise.  I have been fairly good at riding my new exercise bike, but I know you have to jazz it up to stay motivated. I'm feeling some positive momentum and yes...SOMETHING to look forward to!  About time too.  Even my daughter is working with a trainer to get in shape and my sister is still a dedicated runner.  Heather is moving along with her yoga. Time to get this butt in gear. 

I hope you will join me in shaking things up a steps, but take some steps - I would love to hear some ways you've been SHAKING things up lately to feel better about you and any ups and downs you've moved past.  Another area I've always enjoyed but have been slacking on is making something with my own 2 hands. Cooking a recipe from scratch, planting flowers or veggies/herbs, painting, drawing, making jewelry or something crafty, changing a room around,  crocheting/knitting - you get the idea. Such satisfaction and fulfillment when we give ourselves permission to explore.  

As I said above, can't wait to hear anything you've tackled recently or in the past with positive outcome.  Something maybe you've hesitated on but finally decided "Why not?"  We can all learn from each other.  Will post on my positive morphing over the next month or so as I have already added something since I started writing this a few days ago!! Look out!   Life IS supposed to be fun.



jen said...

I wrote a comment and then it didn't post! I'll try again :) I am looking forward to nicer weather so that I can get off the treadmill and start running outside. In the meantime, in an effort to break up the monotony, I alternate running with doing some simple exercises, weights, yoda/stretching in my basement. My daughter (age 11) is also an early riser so I asked if she'd like to join me. She said yes and now we both have fun together!! We talk, laugh, exercise and enjoy each others company. It's my favorite part of the day! Thanks for the great post and for reminding me of how lucky I am. :)

Katy said...

Hi Jen :o) Yes we are all looking forward to better weather...seems we are finally getting some these next few days. Keep up the good work...sounds like you are definitely moving and shaking lol