Sunday, May 01, 2011

Fast, Healthy and Figure Friendly 

Ok....just a couple fun and easy recipes to share...easy peasy, which is right up my alley!  I realize I am not the first one to make either of these...but since I 'rediscovered' these recently, I wanted to share some old favorites. 

These are low calorie and ready within 15-20 min or less.  Wow...what could be better? first one is simple and nothing new - just something I've 're-discovered out of necessity - lol, meaning I had not gone shopping and was starved but wanted something relatively healthy and quick.  Peeking inside my freezer I saw a loaf of 'lite' bread...ok...toast is ok but boring for dinner.   As I knew the fridge was pretty bare I spotted the typical staples we tend to have...eggs and in the drawer some 'not too old' sliced Colby cheese.  Fried Egg & Cheese Sandwich!  I also salvaged a still edible Roma tomato as well.  Things were looking up! 

All I did was get out the pan...spray with butter flavored PAM - turn it on medium/low - then I got out my trusty toaster and put the bread in.  While that was toasting I cracked one egg...stirred gently so it was 'scrambled' looking   and that was it.  Kept eye on it started to set, my toast was ready.  OK I did put butter on one half!!  Sorry but I love butter.  I then put the slice of cheese on the bread and brought it over to the pan on small plate. Sliced tomato thin and added that to sandwich.   By now the egg is pretty much done all the way through, but I flipped it anyway...and turned off burner.  I slid the egg out of the pan right on to the sandwich..and YES they are smaller slices of bread...but still works for me!  All I can say was YUM.  The cheese makes it...and I have also done it with Lorraine Swiss..but like the Colby better.  I've also paired this meal with a cup of soup, or small salad..but it really hits the spot and no guilt! 

Made this one over weekend!
My other 'go to' quick and healthy meal is tortilla pizzas.  I buy the smallest size...they are 80 calories each. Now depending on what I have...I will use a teaspoon of basil pesto from a jar and spread evenly on a tortilla.  I make 2 of these if I don't have a salad to pair with it.  I then spread a light layer of shredded mozzarella, a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and if I have fresh tomato I slice thin and top with this.  If no fresh tomato I always have 'roasted' diced tomato in my cupboard.  I will open a can...drain well and place the diced tomato on top.  I usually have mushrooms on hand so I add these also.   I bake in preheated oven at 400 for about 12-14 these as I dont' like 'burnt' cheese.  I slice with pizza cutter and enjoy.  

Again this is soooo tasty and hits the spot.  If I do NOT have the jar of basil pesto, I will take a teaspoon of light olive oil and crush a clove of garlic and spread this over the tortilla...I also usually have fresh basil growing in my will pick off a few leaves and chop to add to this.  Then proceed as above.

Both are yummy and again, hit the spot and are QUICK and HEALTHY.    Give one or both a go!!

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