Sunday, June 05, 2011

Appreciating Nature

I can never get enough of nature...of course when it's not freezing  But Spring, Summer, Autumn...I almost feel like I could pitch a tent at different scenic spots and be happy.  I did love camping when younger, used to do tent camping - THAT takes a true adventurous spirit.  But it can still be fun.  And I've always loved any type of story or movie where someone can live off of the land and thrive.  I think that's why gardening appeals so much...even my little 'porch' garden this year. 

Today I just got back from a nice brisk stroll at Delaware Lake...across from a nearby park and Zoo.  A lovely spot...that almost feels like you are miles away from city or suburbia - with the lake, geese, Weeping Willow trees and outdoorsy scents.  I had to dodge a little mud and muck in a few areas...but a small price to pay for the beautiful surroundings and peace that one gets when out in Nature.  I hope you will take yourself or friend/family member or favorite pooch out for some quality Nature-time this summer.  Keep an old blanket or folding chair in the car for such moments when the mood strikes and an old book.  Sometimes I just sit and 'be' - a mini meditation of sorts.  But either way, it's very cleansing to the emotional/spiritual side of you, decreases stress and heals on a cellular level.  I hope you take me up on it. 

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