Monday, May 16, 2011

Interview With Coach/Mentor Catherine Martin

I've been itching to share with my readers how other professionals work with their own issues, whether it be health, relationships, money etc.  You've heard plenty from me over the years, so I thought it would be helpful to share other's perspectives.  Please enjoy the interview below and I hope you can find something that resonates with you. 

About Catherine

I am age 61 and am thoroughly loving this decade! The joy and freedom I feel at this time in life is so glorious and I look forward to each day with an open mind and heart. There is so much to look forward too and I realize am responsible for all of what happens to me in life. I have been consciously aware of the concept of  Law of Attraction principles for 17 years. I have always considered myself to be a positive thinker. I continually challenge old, outdated beliefs and thought processes that were passed on from well meaning parents, teachers, ministers, family, employers etc. I believe I create my own reality and I choose to decide what is right for me and live my life accordingly. I do not allow other people's opinions to have any influence on me and how I choose to live my life. I am very intuitive and I always trust that inner guidance to lead me in the direction that I am meant to go each moment in life. I am now a Law of Attraction Coach and Mentor and it brings me great joy when I can help others tweak and adjust their thinking a bit that then allows for their good to flow more freely and often in their direction.

Katy:  Catherine, how long have you felt that our thoughts and feelings contribute to our physical and emotional health?   In my early 20's I began reading self help books and it started to become very clear then. I also had many family examples that showed that our thoughts and feelings contribute to our physical and emotional help. Those that had the most stress and a more difficult time living their lives for themselves rather than for what they thought others expected always seemed to have the ongoing health issues. Their body and health was always a reflection of what they were thinking and focusing on. The people that talked about and focused on illness were the ones that were sick and experienced poor health. (It also seemed those that read about the side affects of medications in advance usually developed such side affects....!)

Katy:  Can you give any real examples of someone applying these techniques to improve their health? My own example: I created a serious foot injury that was preventing me from walking because I did not want to walk with a particular person anymore. The universe responded and I got two injured toes and a severe foot pain every time I tried to walk. Once I realized that this pain was a result of me not wanting to walk with that particular person I had to laugh at myself and then I immediately started with an affirmation and changed my focus. My affirmation was "My feet are healthy and functioning well. I love walking. It is my favorite form of exercise."  In a very short time all was back to normal!

Katy: What other areas of your life do you find work 'better' with this type of mindset?  Every area of life. Financial, relationships, attitude, mental health, spiritual health and physical health. Aging. There is no one area of life that works better with this type of mindset. I will say that the easiest area to test these principles early on is with money. Money, believe it or not, is one of the easiest things to manifest and that always astounds people.

Katy:   What types of daily practices would you suggest to someone who is dealing with an unwanted condition?   Affirmations first and foremost. For example lets say someone is feeling some back pain. Of course their focus is on the pain and that focus of course creates and attracts more unwanted pain. So personally I would silently repeat an affirmation like : All of the muscles and nerve endings in my back and body are healthy and functioning well. Every cell and part of my body is healthy and functioning well. I move freely and trust my body to serve me well." What we focus on expands in life. The change of focus will create a positive change every time. I also don't buy into the aging stuff that people assume will happen just because you are a certain age. It is the beliefs around the concept of aging that causes the aging issues in the first place. It is all a mindset and I for one only believe you are as young as you think yourself to be.

Wow...this is so wonderful to hear!  I know working with Catherine has renewed my enthusiasm for how I've been applying these same concepts in my life.  This is not rocket science and yes it has been known and around for 1000s of years.  Numerous teachers and healers have been pronouncing it since the beginning of time, From Jesus, Buddha and Gandhi to Wallace Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Annie Besant, Norman Vincent Peale, Louise Hay and Maherishi Mahesh Yogi to name a few. 

Do not hesitate to contact myself or Catherine with any questions!   Catherine Martin's Site

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