Wednesday, January 18, 2012

1 Idea That Can Change Your Life

I've been reading books and following various blogs of late on the subject of kindness, being grateful for people and things and appreciative for where we are in our life, right now.  I think because I really never got into the Christmas spirit this sort of passed me by and I felt myself rather down and feeling all 'bah humbug' in the weeks following.  Luckily I am realizing it's up to me to change that...and as soon as I started looking for things to feel better about, I found LOTS of inspiring things to help me.

Yes...1 thing that really can change everything.

What helped spur me on was a book I read called 365 Thank Yous, by John Kralik...a story about an attorney who was having a very rough time emotionally and financially..his worst ever. (many of his clients weren't paying him and he worried weekly if he'd be able to pay his staff)  He gets to remembering his grandfather and how he encouraged writing Thank You cards for gifts no  matter how small the gift was-and how he did as a boy but only when made to do it!  (Don't we all remember those days?? I do!)  So he decided he needed to find something to feel good about as he was feeling very desperate and ended up challenging himself to send 365 hand written Thank Yous within a year.  Took him a little longer but he did.  And it changed his life as well as those around him-all for the better.

After reading this book I was on a search to find other people who had done similar and found so many stories, books and websites that it seems it has caught on. (wink)  I wink here because it's not like being kind or grateful ever went just doesn't always get the same kind of press as other dramatic, often unhappy stories do these days. The bottom line with all of this is I decided to start something similar.  I went to the Dollar Tree the other day(everything really is a dollar! lol) and bought a few packs of blank note cards and I've started writing Thank Yous.  I will keep track of who I send or hand them too (ie store clerk who always remembers my name) so I can see progress...and I will also keep track of any responses as well as how it felt for ME to do this.  I will also keep up my intentions for little random acts of kindness-an all year endeavor, not just around the holidays.

So exactly HOW will this change your life?  Like the man in the book,  a shift will occur.  You will start to be the person who looks for things going right, instead of things going wrong - less 'poor me' and instead, more to be thankful for in all areas of your personal and professional life. You will welcome into your life more ease, more joy, more stress-free moments, a healthier body, healthier choices, more fun, new experiences and opportunities - you name it.  Like attracts like - and now you are taking an active role in 'deliberately' attracting what you want, instead of just waiting or wishing to see what happens in your life.  The other people I read about all had positive changes in their lives and they are NOT the exception, as any of us can see and feel the benefits.

I am so ready for this - and have already started- I'd love to hear if this is something you can find time to do too!  

And in order to light a fire encourage some of you ;o) - I am Giving away a free 5.5oz of my Organic Liver/Detox Tea- a gentle cleanse to the liver, the skin, urinary system as well as the entire body- tastes pretty good too!   All you have to do is comment under this post- letting me know why you liked this idea or something you think would be fun to do for someone else.  I will pick one person randomly- and announce in my next newsletter within next 2 weeks...and then you can email me with your contact info/address etc. 

So the change has already started...I'm feeling better already!  Thanks for reading.


Lifetime Memories Photography said...

Love this Katy!!! It takes a lot to learn that you are the only one who can change your thoughts!!! Thanks for sharing!!! I think I am going to check out that book!

Cait P. said...

Hi, Katy,

Thanks for sharing this, especially today, it really meant a lot. Hope all is well and that I see you and Rach, soon.


Tonia K. said...

Hi Katy -

I love this post! I did Cami Walker's 29 Days of Giving Challenge a couple of years ago. It was fun and very fulfilling. Taking the focus off of yourself absolutely does help. Thanks for the reminder!

Joanie said...

Very cool!! I just heard about this book too and will have to read it. Thank you!! ----does that count as my first thank you?? :) Just kidding!! Great idea and I'm looking forward to getting started!

Katy Lowe said...

Christine...yes it can take practice, but worth it! :o)

Hi Cait! Glad you enjoyed..hope to see you soon too it's been ages!

Toni- Would love to hear more about your challenge! Makes you really cool!

Joanie- I think you will like the book...a quick read and loved hearing the results of his efforts.

Thanks for writing everyone! :o)