Thursday, April 12, 2012

How Attractive Are You?

I'm being cagey here, but I hope you will take the time to read and give this a little thought. 
While I don't really think about my age unless someone has the nerve to ask me (wink) ...sometimes I will look in the mirror in certain light and wonder...."who is that?" Of course then I will go find a different mirror somewhere else and see if it's any better. lol. 

Recently after doing this I sat myself down in front of the computer and decided to start searching for various new and exciting facial creams and potions.  There are LOTS out there...after reading hundreds of reviews I was no closer to making a I of course whipped off an email to my best friend Heather in the UK.  As we are both the same age and have similar life outlooks, I can always count on her for her take on the subject.  And while she agreed with me about the whole aging issue and things we can do to 'improve' where we are, she did voice something I found particularly obvious.  Well not obvious until she pointed it out to me!

No matter what age we are... 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, etc...what kind of person are we drawn to?  Is it that stunningly perfect individual who defies all age brackets?  No...usually not...we may have friends who are physically appealing...but why do we stay friends with them - or anyone for that matter?  Drum roll..............Because we find them interesting!  We connect with them in some way and/or we find them so interesting we want to know more!! true!  So while I  find myself getting older, I do intend to age gracefully.  But MORE important than that - I am setting an intention to BE more interesting - for me and for those who choose to be around me! I will be trying something new, learning new things, travel somewhere different, eat or cook something different - get out of that self-imposed RUT.  Doing this gives me something to look forward to - a sort of challenge to myself.  I want to be someone people enjoy being around (I guess I always have) - not someone where folks go running as soon as they see me coming.  I hate to say I know people like that.  Certain folks who are in our lives, and probably happy in their life - yet nothing different or 'interesting' to comment on since our last conversation, no matter how long it's been.  

And of course since I decided on this a couple weeks ago, I 'happened' to find this short, inspiring video - I've already started 2 different 30-day changes for me - and it's funny how you can commit to something if you have a somewhat short range goal.  See if you agree - and hopefully you will join me in finding life and yourself more interesting. ☺


Michelle said...

I like that idea alot. Since I am home with the baby I decided I was going to take up crocheting again and make him some stuff and also add to the repertoire of handmade things that I want to sell one day. Good idea! I think I will try it too.

Katy Lowe said...


I agree! I taught myself how to crochet and have made various 'easy' things...but the best thing is how relaxing it is and how I love to feel productive and creative at the same time! Glad you are giving it a go!