Thursday, May 17, 2012


Having just enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day with my daughter, it also brought up heartfelt memories of my own mom.  My mom was great at making me (us) feel better.  When sick, upset, hurting in anyway, mom always took the sting out of it, no matter how minor or big it was.  I hope I have done the same with my own daughter.  It's healing and it's empowering!  That feeling I would get or know I could count on, gotta say it's been a big influence on how I have always felt about life and general healing to this day.  

You can do this yourself!

One of the best things about having been educated in natural therapies and herbs, is the feeling of having control.  KNOWING I can come up with something to feel better or get better.  I also know help is available either close by or a click away if I need extra guidance.  Confidence and hope...that's what my mom supplied and so does anyone who makes you feel better about your situation.  My objective all these years has been to help others gain that for themselves.  

In my opinion staying healthy is not having a supply of medicine or a cupboard full of organic remedies to help what ails us, although it helps :o)  - it's also having tools in place to take care of a variety of health concerns...whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual etc. 

I have found that our physical concerns usually stem from ongoing emotional or spiritual thought malfunctions.  Something has caused a glitch or 'dis--ease'  somewhere in our world.  The LACK of ease in some area of our life.  Then what most tend to do, is focus or dwell on it with the idea we are 'fixing' it since we are focused on it or worrying.  NOPE.  Instead what we are doing is like fanning a fire that appears to be going out.  We keep it going or 'burning' by our constant poking at it. By taking away the fuel (our thoughts and worries) can help us find solutions and relief. Which is another concept I try to encourage...knowing how you can change your focus to feel better, even for short periods of time.

Knowledge is Power -  Information is infinite these days with the Internet.  I mean it was always just wasn't always as easy to find.  Many people have been right where you are - and if it's a problem you are dealing with, whether health or otherwise- may I suggest you seek out the people who overcame that same situation?  Why would you go looking for someone who has or had your issue and they had a bad experience with it and probably not a source of healing or hope?  Refuse to 'go there'!  Instead ask questions from those doing better as you will find something of what they know or did that may be something you can also apply to your circumstances.  When I was dealing with my bowel issues and anxiety problems yrs ago, did I want to hear from the person who was on numerous medications or someone who lost their job or relationship due to their 'condition'?  Hell no!  I'll pass, thank you very much!  I wanted to hear from someone who felt encouraged, relief or marked improvement in their condition.  Someone who was now making light of it and finding themselves better for it and doing well.   And those were the people I learned from - I kept moving forward with each piece of info - sure I may have hit a few speed bumps...but they weren't road blocks...just bumps! 

My mom provided comfort, understanding, encouragement and hope - which always led me to the next step in getting or doing better.   It also helped to me realize I could do it or find it myself.  Teaching independence is part of parenting - I'm still learning but it's paying off.  .  

Maybe that's where the name Mother Nature came from - always there, not making a fuss or in your face, but there to help.   ☺

I'm here if you need help too - phone, email or  live and in person. or 716-400-0532

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