Tuesday, November 20, 2012

3 Simple Ways To Take Control Of Your Health

#1 - One Step At A Time

Whether it's starting for the first time or needing to 'reboot' a health regime that doesn't motivate you - I find keeping it simple helps me to get on a path that feels good to make a routine.

Begin with something that feels 'easy' is always a great way to introduce change into your routine.  This could be something as basic as buying a nice water bottle or glass that encourages you to implement more water drinking.  I found a great glass with lid that is BPA free....or a nice stainless steel water bottle is great too - I love 'lemon water' or water with a few slices of cucumber for a refreshing change - whatever helps you get that intake up!  This way you'll look forward to your next glass of water!

#2 Get Up Earlier

Becoming an early riser has definitely worked for me.  Having had some sleep issues over the years, I've made my life less stressful by not worrying about it anymore.  Instead I make my schedule work for me and if that means getting up between 4-6am most mornings, then that's what I do now.  Sure I tend to go to bed earlier, but hey, that's what DVR's are for! ☺


Getting up earlier allows me to EASE into my day.  I have time to meditate, do some stretching or yoga, pack my lunch - even do some laundry or go shopping!  I've been known to hit the grocery store at 6am!  Even if it's a half a hour earlier, make that work for you, whether it's quiet time, exercise or getting something knocked out so you don't have to deal with it after you get home. Right now I have my mini egg quiche's going in the oven with healthy veggies added...breakfast for a couple days or a snack- yum!

#3  Take YOUR Magic Supplement

Ok...I'm being a little silly here, as there is no magic pill (not one, 
anyway).  However for YOU and you alone there is something you can take everyday, that is very specific to you and your life.  Whether it's your age, current health, lifestyle or diet - somewhere in that mix is room to improve.  For example if you are past 40 taking something that works on inflammation can't hurt.  (Turmeric, Ginger, Devil's Claw)  Or if you are a female of any age - Herbs that support the hormonal system (Ovaries, Thyroid) can change your life!  If you have ANY stress in your life - don't blow it off as 'not much I can do' - There is always something you can do to counteract the effects on your body and mind over time.  A great B complex -whether a pill, or powder (green drink) in my opinion is essential - 'daily' even more so than a multi vitamin.  (my opinion of course)  If you live in the North - a vitamin D3 supplement is another easy yet noticeable supplement to use to your benefit.  I have seen big changes in clients as well as myself.  Hey even the open minded medical minds can't deny the benefits they see with many quality supplements. 

So 3 simple ways to start on or get back on the path to health and feeling good.  Any of these are a great way to implement self motivation techniques into your daily routine. I don't care how old you are, or if you have numerous health challenges - you can always feel better which makes it easier for the next step, and the next.  

And of course I am here to guide you with any questions!

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