Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Herbal Answers For Everyday

Which feels better?  Feeling stuck and powerless or having options and control?

I have to admit for the last few years I have been observig with frustration over a certain area I have been made continuously aware of.  I don't know why I'm surprised...maybe its because 90% of these answers have been available for years and years, and still are!

Life is too short to feel crappy about common 'in your face' health issues that can distract us from a productive and enjoyable day!  The list of complaints below should be temporary and rarely uncomfortable for long, and yet so many let them become that way.  Doesn't have to be!  Learn some basics from me and you will find less discomfort and more ease! 

Sore throat
Sinus infection
Ear infection
Bladder infection
Yeast infection (numerous symptoms or examples of this, not just vaginal infection)
Pink Eye
Digestive complaints
Bowel irregularities
Arthritis/Tendonitis, Muscle ache
Tired and low energy
Skin problems (warts, moles, boils, bruises, rashes,breakouts)

So many answers!!

I see so many accepting a less than satisfactory existence!  Are you doing this?  Many have worked with their doctor (of course you should consult your doctor for your health concerns) and do know what the 'problem' is, yet they are not getting or seeing lasting results.  They then bemoan their problem to anyone who will listen...but afraid to consider some very basic, helpful and viable solutions!  Letting these everyday issues get to us eventually can bring us down, which just compound the problem!  Our immune system is then compromised as well as our emotional out look.  And it keeps going. 

Ask questions, try something new, empower yourself and your loved ones. 
This goes for health as well as everyday life!!  

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