Friday, October 10, 2014

Hair Loss Answers For Women

We all know that some hair loss is normal - the old standard of 100 strands of hair per day (not sure who came up with that number) has been a general rule.

However when it starts happening at a faster rate it's time to start looking at how to stop it and get things back to normal.

My experiences over the years have confirmed the most common cause for hair loss in women.  S-t-r-e-s-s and it's affect on our hormone/glandular system.  What I don't think enough women or doctors take into account are the variety of ways Stress will show up in the body.  Many think that if they aren't in the middle of a larger life event (divorce, job loss etc) that they aren't overly stressed.  However many of us are on emotional roller coasters and have been for a while. We've just been dealing with them longer so they seem, well, normal!  For example: 
  • The job or relationship that drains you
  • The care of an elderly parent or relative
  • You have a job but live paycheck to paycheck
  • Ongoing health issues that you wish you could change
  • Weight gain
  • Feeling you should be doing more with your life
  • Problems with child's behavior at home/school
  • Empty nest
  • Hormone imbalance -thyroid, adrenal or reproductive hormones are most common (You can check with your doctor for guidance if you suspect hormone issues so you can monitor)

This is just a basic list but I'm hoping you get the general idea.  Stress is a fact of life and generally speaking our bodies are set up to deal with it.  The problems begin when the Stress is not addressed or compensated for, and continues without our taking steps to CARE for self.  Our bodies can't always keep up and those safety nets that are normally in place to help us, start to show some wear and tear. 

So what can be done? 

The first thing would be to admit that there IS something going on within your life or lifestyle that is contributing.  There is ALWAYS something you can do to make changes or improvements even when in the past it seemed impossible. If you simply say...'oh there's nothing I can do, or 'nothing can be done' then it's like having the answer knock on your door and you just ignoring the knock. 

Stress also affects the PH in the body which upsets the flora in our digestive system which affects our hormones also - so I am REALLY making a point here lol - Stress affects hair loss! Read below for answers that I have used and/or recommended: 

  1. Start to look at the STRESS that is in your life.  It may not be going away anytime soon, but as I said there is SOMETHING you can DO to start to improve the situation or your daily reaction to it. The key is to DECIDE to start considering you have options!
  2. How is your overall diet?  If your eating is below average (and even average isn't always enough when stressed) then you really need to consider making changes. The ongoing stress you are under is depletes our bodies stored vitamins/minerals.  Our Nervous and Glandular systems THRIVE on proper nutrition.  If you are having hair loss your systems are 'asking' you for more nutrition.  That hair on your bathroom floor is the body doing the 'asking' to get your attention!  Start cutting out the junk and opt for 'cleaner' choices.
  3. Yeast/Candida in the body.(PH being off mentioned above)  Candida issues are so very common with regular stress contributes to the unwanted flora/bacteria in our digestive/intestinal systems and it multiplies big time.  And this places stress on our glands - especially thyroid and adrenals. Vicious cycle
  4. Supplementation - B vitamins can become your BFF!  ☺  I cannot say enough about a good B vitamin complex or diet with more B enriched foods.  If I could pick one supplement that could or should be in your back pocket, this is the one.  Especially for WOMEN!  If you can only afford what's at the nearest drugstore, start with that.  However quality will be KEY here.  As many 'think' they are getting what they need but if the quality of the supplement falls are being misled and think..'oh these don't work, what's the point?"  My 'green drink' as I call it, delivers B vitamins like a shot in the arm.  Pure, organic food, in powdered form - absorbs in 15 minutes (also acts like a multi vitamin)  Starts righting some of the wrongs in our hormonal system and has a BIG effect on hair, skin and nail health.  B vitamins also help the body (emotionally/physically) deal with stress and feed our adrenals (energy)  See what I mean?  B Vitamins can be a woman's best friend!  
  5. Apple Cider Vinegar - I only use Braggs Vinegar...and my only reference for results. (can't speak for other brands)  The Vinegar helps restore alkalinity in the body and is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral - thus it helps with Yeast/Candida in the body
    and topically.  Start with a teaspoon orally per day and work up to a couple tablespoons daily if you can.  You can also apply to hair/scalp (dilute with water when first using it) and rinse out - if possible leave on for 10 min or so...but if sensitive by all means rinse sooner! 
Hair loss can be improved over time so hope is not lost! It never is.  I hope you found these suggestions helpful and if you know anyone who may benefit please feel free to share this post! 

(If you have more health specifics to discuss, please get in touch for a consultation!)

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