Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Soup Contest With Prize!

 I Want Your Favorite Homemade Soup Recipes!
UPDATE!  I have chosen the winner and I want to thank those who sent in their soup recipes!  I'm looking forward to trying more of them and will have more to share 'next year'.  The winner has been notified and will be receiving their gift! 
I've become rather bored with my meals of late and have been whining about it.  And whining rarely puts a meal on my table!  Plus it doesn't feel good!
So I ask myself - What would feel better? 

How about...."Having so many yummy soup recipes I always have a choice!"

Ok...I'm getting warmer!  But why soup?  Well it is cold out in my part of the world.  It's darker out earlier and many days in a row of no sun.  Sometimes all I want is to not have to think about 'what do I have to eat tonight?'  

Soup satisfies this in so many ways for me!  
Comfort food,  a one-pot meal, leftovers and usually freeze-able! 
Can't go wrong as far as I'm concerned. 
NOW the key for my contest and giveaway is to have you give me some great new recipes that you and your family have enjoyed. I'm so tired of the 2 or 3 soups I have made over the years!  

Only a few details to keep in mind:
  • It can be meat /dairy or vegetarian recipe as I customize for whomever I'm cooking for 
  • Crockpot or a pot on the stovetop is fine!
  • It really has to be a favorite of yours
  • Share on my Facebook page or email it to me@
  • DEADLINE  - By Wednesday Dec 10

Pretty easy eh? 
What's in it for you? 

Out of the submissions I will pick 3 to try and the winner of those will WIN a free 4oz container of  my 

Organic Turmeric Powder!! 

I use this in my cooking and for my yummy Turmeric Tea!  Great for joint pain or any body inflammation, skin - acne, burns, bites, chicken pox etc. Also helps with Immune System.

For everyone else who takes the time to submit a soup recipe, I am making a free PDF document of all submissions and I will share with you in the very near future!  So it's a Win-Win for all of us!

Can't wait to see some great new soups!  Remember send in by Wed Dec 10!
 Thank you in advance for sharing! 

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