Tuesday, December 30, 2014

How Coping Skills Can Change Your Life

I have often said that Coping Skills should be a mandatory course in school.  Why isn't it??

Granted, learning to cope comes with time and experiences themselves, however having some basic skills in place can make a world of difference. 

When I was a teenager/young adult - emotional upsets could derail me for days, weeks or months. 

I was overly sensitive, but still!  If I didn't have parents or a friend who at least took the time to listen to me and offer some way to 'feel better' I would have floundered even longer!  I'm not saying they had any earthshaking answers. lol  What they did have however
were some life experiences to draw on,  stories to share - and when you feel at an all time low, feeling as if 'I'll never get over this" - anything they could offer to help was like a balm  to me, even if only temporary. It was enough for me to at least have moments of relief - and that I now know was key

That feeling of relief was my connection with my inner self again.  I know I want to feel good - I think it's what drives all of us.  But losing that connection doesn't feel very good and having coping skills in place make it all so much easier to get back to where we want to be/feel.  

These are some ways I can usually find relief and reconnect with me - even if temporary: 

  • Talking with someone close to me
  • Nature, I actually went 'tree hugging' this weekend!! :)  --> 
  • Meditating/candles/music
  • Music - loud
  • Reading
  • Netflix Marathon, or DVD  
  • Crocheting
  • Eating something I really really enjoy with no guilt
  • Talking with a coach/mentor (yes I do have one)
  • Doing nothing or being overly busy cleaning/organizing
  • Reading or re-reading many inspirational blogs, articles or books I have close at hand
  • Audio books/online Podcasts that inspire me
  • Look into volunteering
  • Use herbs/vitamins I know help me with overall mood/hormones etc
I find that  being able to change my response to problems these days aligns with my desire to be more solution oriented, instead of only reacting with hand wringing and worry.  Sure I may lean that way when I let myself get overwhelmed, but it doesn't last as long and soon I'm back in 'find relief/solution mode'.

I have seen many a person flounder with issues that come up in their lives simply because they don't have coping skills. A relationship break up, a fight with a friend, parent/child conflict, body image concerns,  situational depression, job/money concerns - these can and do take on a different light when you have a way to cope and move forward with more hope and confidence.

No one has to go it alone - if you don't have parents or family/friends that can help with some of your concerns, there are counselors, books, and groups out there to support and offer much needed relief.  The point I wanted to make here was simply to know that there's a big old world out there - answers galore.  Reach out, ask for help, talk to someone, browse at your favorite bookstore or library - whatever that may be for you to find your way back to who you are. 

You will find your problems seem smaller and more manageable if you can learn to do this as soon as you start having issues. Even the larger upsets or events will be a bit easier on you overall. It's all about coming back into alignment with that inner you that knows you best of all.  Baby steps with this...your only goal here is to find ways to feel just a 'little' bit better to help you cope and move forward with more positive, hopeful feelings.  ♥

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