Thursday, August 05, 2010

Just Give Me Some Relief!

Stomach and intestinal woes are on the rise! I can't be the only one who's noticed that a large part of the population are on stomach meds? Prilosec, Nexium, Prevacid, Zantac...these are becoming household names! Understandably, since our bodies are sending off uncomfortable symptoms many are looking for relief!

Sooo...I've been giving it some thought as I tend to go backwards to the source of problems. I'm all for getting relief, but since the stomach basically does its thing from birth, I'm guessing it knows how to keep things balanced when we take care of it, at least most of the time. Normally our diet and lifestyle are to blame...stress, convenience foods, sweets, too much coffee, soda or alcohol... all of these contribute to the stomach not being able to keep up and causing our entire body to have a more problems digesting and absorbing nutrients, and having more acidity than not.

Guess what ? It's fixable! And here's the shortened version. Stop doing what you've been doing to cause it! lol Ok...maybe I can expand on that a bit.

Diet considerations- I've been doing some re-educating on the benefits of eating more 'alkaline foods' as opposed to acid causing foods. No surprise that pretty much all fresh vegetables are 'safe' and gentle on the body and digestion, so these should be the higher percentage when meal planning. Beef, Poultry, Fish...dairy, (goat milk/cheese are better), coffee, processed juices, alcohol, canned veggies, pickled veggies, sugar, and artificial sugars, are just a partial list. You may be getting the picture. Just start eating LESS of these foods and start eating healthier in general. A good rule is 75% safer foods and 25% of the more acid producing.

Along with dietary changes are some proven, safe remedies to help balance the acid in the body, help digestion and heal the digestive tract.

Digestive Enzymes - We need them! The body produces some, and all fresh uncooked foods (veggies/fruits) come equipped with surprise there! But think of how many processed/cooked meals we've consumed! And as we age, we make less. Most of us need some help. Enzymes are required for the proper digestion and assimilation of the foods we eat - they actually help unlock the vitamins, proteins, minerals and hormone activity, and allow them to work in the body. Not having enough enzymes can add to quite a few problems - Acid reflux, belching/bloating/gas, bowel/intestinal disorders, poor immune function, food allergies and less energy. I'm sure there's more but that's more than enough to get me started on them! This is such an easy fix, I highly recommend having some on hand - as they also help with that 'heavy' feeling after a big meal. I like a tasty, easy brand to take as they work immediately due to their quick absorption. Oh...and added bonus... pro-biotics are also included for a more complete healing for the digestive and intestinal tracts! Awesome! Even comes in portable packets which are $21.95, Bottle is larger for $31.95

Ginger - Yes it's true! Hence our mom's giving us ginger ale when we had an upset stomach. Very soothing and helps adjust the acid in the stomach. I like crystallized ginger, found in health food stores or the bulk dept in grocery stores. Tea and herbal capsules are also great!

Aloe Vera - Secondary to Enzymes for digestion, Aloe comes thru with flying colors for Acid reflux. Giving almost instant relief. I know because I've used it and keep on hand as well as the enzymes and ginger.

Less Stress!- Of course you may have guessed this was coming. Stress can trigger that 'fight or flight' response, which then reduces blood flow to the abdomen and the production of much needed enzymes. And it all starts again! Meditation, Yoga, Exercise, Relaxation techniques all help, again don't hesitate to ask for assistance. It's what I do!



Anonymous said...

My girlfriend made me a believer,actually I think she was just tired of me curled up on the couch, complaining about indigestion and stomach pains.she gave me some of your aloe in a glass and within a few minutes I felt 100% better after which we enjoyed an afternoon of shopping (humm)Great product thanks!!

Anonymous said...

I lived on Zantac and Nexium for years - just hearing those words fills me with acid!!!


Katy said...

Glad the Aloe helped and you could go shopping, !

And Heather, I know what you mean- some things just do it to us! :o)