Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What A Butt Head!

"Lame driver! What the heck kind of move do you call that?? Honestly, is it too much to ask to drive around people who have courtesy for the other drivers?" Insides churning, I then get home and proceed to recap the person's lack of driving skills or lack there of, to the next person I talk to and we agree and find even more instances of 'butt heads' on the road.

Ok I better stop there as I can feel myself going down that road and I'm not even on the road! lol But whether it's the inconsiderate driver on your way home from work, or the 'dip' on the phone who still can't fix your order when it was their error in the first place (these are our thoughts of course..not verbalized out loud!) ;o) we all have had those instances of impatience, anger or frustration that we let get to us and it stays with us much longer than needed. I'm all for venting your frustration at events that push our buttons, cause I certainly do -but harboring it longer than necessary or continuously bringing it up hours or days after the fact also brings up those same unpleasant feelings that accompany it. I am one of those folks who tends to put a humorous slant on something eventually...so then I end up laughing at it. However sometimes not even that is a good thing as there can always be 'residue' of upset feelings lingering in there somewhere.

Maybe that's why I resonate so well with shows like King of Queens, Seinfeld, As Time Goes By, Golden Girls or Everybody Hates Chris. I literally laugh out loud at these shows..responding to their drama and of course humorous spin on it. THAT is much healthier as we have no attachment to 'their' stuff...so I do recommend shows like this that poke fun at everyday life and let you laugh at how silly or small most of this stuff really is! Finding ways to laugh at life is a gift and the folks who wrote these shows did it well. Why not bring more of that into your everyday life?

I also catch myself more lately when one of these instances does come into my experience/day...to take a deep breath and then ask myself...ok...what is the opposite of this situation? I find myself doing this a lot lately and maybe about time as walking around irritated is getting old! So I may ask myself, "Alright Katy, what is the opposite of a jerk driver?" Wellll, I guess it would be...competent drivers who are courteous and safe. What would be the opposite of a rude or annoying customer service person on the phone? Hmm - someone who is funny, polite and sincerely helpful. Okay, get where I'm going here? Even imagining the more desired scenarios feeels better!

I am increasing my awareness of how I feel on a daily basis and I am getting better at it. Instead of stewing in a lousy feeling that literally in the past has ruined an entire day or put a damper on a weekend - I am instead taking time out, telling myself this feels like crap and what can I do about it! I try refocusing on the opposite as I stated above and after making a few statements in my head, I may then find something positive to uplift myself with even briefly. Seems lots of this happens when I'm at work. lol Go figure (Thank goodness my new business is soon to replace my J.O.B.) Happily this has been working rather well which is making me more consistent. I am also meditating more and hope to lead a class on that soon too, so stay tuned.

Stress just isn't worth it. Long term it just takes its toll and I'm for EASE more than anything else. See? Ease is the opposite of Stress. What do you know, I'm on to something here! Smile and feel free to share your comments on how you bring about Ease in your life!!


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