Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lookout Here I Come!
Just thoughts that feel good to think about ☺

I was eating exhaust fumes while driving behind this VERY LATE model station wagon the other morning...I had to laugh as I got close enough to read the model of the car "Caprice Classic". Classic alright! lol But even funnier is as a kid my siblings and I were carted around in the exact same one, although ours was light blue. We thought it cool - wow- all 7 kids jammed in there with mom and dad, and if you were lucky mom would let you sit in the 'way back'. Facing out the back window.

We did graduate to a 'family van' as we got bigger. The Caprice couldn't hold us once we all started getting bigger/taller etc. I still remember driving the monster van. But my driving experience at 16 was in my dads pride and joy, a candy apple red 'Studebaker'. No power steering or power brakes - winding in and out of a nearby department store parking lot on a Sunday. I was exhausted by the time we were done and I was ready to turn over the wheel to dad and he says, "you can drive home". Lordy...such faith!! Then again, they did make the cars pretty solid back then! ha This was the only family car to grace the inner sanctum of our garage.

I love how something as simple as a car spotting can bring up some great memories. I can appreciate a good looking older model car - it makes it suddenly real that there was a time and place when you or your family were either MUCH younger or not even born and life was rolling along. Come to think of it I've always had dreams of a time machine.

That would be something else again.


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