Friday, October 19, 2012

Perimenopause Rollercoaster!

And what a ride! 

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Admit it, there is so much information out there in regards to Menopause.... however, when talking about Perimenopause symptoms, I feel like I'm sitting at the top of a roller coaster asking myself how I got up here, clinging with a vice like grip - all wide-eyed and facing the unknown.  I seem to be stumbling over yet another experience as I move through this point in my life. From Merriam-Webster: "Perimenopause - the period around the onset of menopause that is often marked by various physical signs as hot flashes and menstrual irregularity."  Well, I'm glad THAT explained everything! LOL  Not even close.   I have to say I find a large percentage of women I have talked to have little or no real knowledge of the list of possible symptoms that could be caused by this time in their life.  

We've all heard about  the weight gain, hot flashes, moodiness, menstrual irregularities - but my on and off again symptoms of headaches, aches and joint pain, dizziness and anxiety were not on my radar at all!  I have to say besides working with clients, I see many confused women at the doctors office. It seems the majority have no idea their sudden symptoms - ie,  anxiety,  could be a sign of perimenopause and not a separate issue.  Especially for those who have never dealt with anxiety prior.  Simply 'treating' anxiety will not get rid of it, instead, looking at other factors (hormone fluctuations, age and other symptoms) will pinpoint a smarter treatment regime.  

I dealt with anxiety years ago when going through my bowel fun.  Having it pop up now for seemingly 'no reason' was confusing at first.  It felt different, but something was going on. Then I looked at my other factors and realized they were all part of the same group and I did some research.  What a relief and what an eye-opener!  

Thankfully I don't hesitate to try something natural.  For me it's as automatic as getting a glass of water when I'm thirsty.  I know it will quench my thirst, just as I know I will find relief with my herbs/supplements if I just give it a go.  For me what has already made a difference is increasing my women's herbal formula.  I also looked at what I have on my counter (all kinds of goodies) and realized I hadn't started up my D3 since summer.  So I started that again,  5000IU per day.  Since those changes alone I haven't experienced the anxiety (palpitations),  and the 'achy-ness' I would feel by the end of the day is hardly  noticeable. Whew!  I have also been on and off again with YOGA these past few months...and am realizing it is helping me even when I only have time for 15 minutes some mornings.  So I am taking this seriously as darn it,  I have every intention of aging gracefully and staying active...these 3 simple steps are on the road to managing this.  I'm sure I'll find more if I need to.

 A nice woman I met with last evening  (in her 50's) commented on some symptom she was having and her doctor saying it was a part of getting older.  Hell no!  lol  We don't HAVE to decline as we get older...we may age as the years go by - but decline is something we can take a stand against.  Listening to comments like this and taking them as a belief will add to that 'decline' mentality.  I say choose otherwise.  

As I age I choose:  Ease, health, flexibility, energy, expansion, lightheartedness, excitement and fun -   I am here for you if you want to join the ranks of those who believe we can be and have a healthy existence - no matter what age!   

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