Thursday, October 04, 2012

What's Different About Today?

I've written about this subject before, but when it keeps coming up for me, I have to make mention of a reminder to me and maybe to you!

What I've asked myself lately (and now you)  is what is my life generally like - as far as my day to day?  Pretty routine, or  more jam-packed with stuff going on - take a minute and think about it.  How much of that is fun or interesting to you on a regular basis?  You can still be busy but not jazzed up about it.  For's more routine than otherwise...although my Zip-lining- dangling between trees, last weekend counts for some variety! Lol.  However aside from enjoying nature and spending time with family...I also was really feeling the need to change things up a bit.  Talking and wishing about something is fun and gets me out of my 'routine', if only in my mind at least.  But actually planning and doing something is another!  I had learned about zip-lining almost 4 yrs ago, on TV!

I like planning things!  I like the anticipation as much as the actual 'doing'.  For instance I've been wanting to get back into crocheting...ok not scoring high on the excitement scale, but it's SOMETHING.  Sooo...for me...thinking about it...looking up patterns, digging out my hooks and looking at yarn at stores, finding 'beginner' patterns online - got me more jazzed up.  Then came the actual 'doing' something about it.  And this is all part of breaking up your routine - I found a local class (free) and went by myself to finally DOING something.  I'm so glad I did!  Now I have a bit more knowledge and confidence and am working on 2 easy but fun projects and I look forward to it!!  

Work in progress!
What can you do different that you've been talking about or thinking about?  As I get older I'm realizing each day that goes by is another day I could have 'done' something...even if it's educating myself on something I'm curious about.  Sometimes after we investigate, we decide 'nah, this isn't for me'. 

But if you don't even try?  

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