Friday, March 13, 2009

Ah yes, it's Friday...and since I don't really work weekends anymore I am very much in appreciation mode! (Our cat Jasmine has it down pat as far as relaxation goes.)

As a natural health practitioner and coach I do work from home alot...but I also have a part time gig as well. I'm slowly making the mental transition to getting ready to quit as it really is not something I feel overly drawn to. It's a 'job' and while I know my skills are appreciated, I am one who needs to feel more productive in general. Over the years I have held MANY positions...and it's really been quite the eye opener. So many opportunities and ways to figure out what we are good at and what we enjoy. I recommend it if you really do not know what your niche is. I did figure out long ago not to 'settle' when it comes to just about anything. Its fine to make peace with where you are and find the positive aspects - but to stay put in a situation that doesn't work for you's draining after a while. Not fun!

So much out there and experiences and people - somethings can start out as a hobby and grow to a job or business. You tend to meet folks who are also jazzed in what they are doing too and that helps immensely!

I'm rambling I know...but as I's Friday, I am happy it's Friday and am going to make it a good day, even if work is involved! :o) You can too, just make the decision to look for what feels good and you'll find more of it.

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