Friday, March 27, 2009

Treat yourself time!

I am ready for some food changes now that the weather is changing. Lighter meals...trips to the farmer's market soon, new recipes to try. I really do enjoy cooking and experimenting. What can I say..I love to eat!! Even as I type this I am thinking about what I will have for lunch today. As it's Friday I decided to make it a 'treat' day and why the heck not?? Do you do this for yourself? I'm always curious as to what others do that I may not have thought of! For me today it means venturing out of my usual routine and exploring a bit. Feel free to share what works for you!

I'm noticing an abundance of what I assume are California strawberries in the stores. Yay....something different and a sure sign of spring. I did buy a container, cut and washed them and ate the entire pint! No guilt - not to mention delicous! I'm going to really make a weekend out of gathering a few new recipes to try. I mean I love old favorites...what would we do without them? But I'm game for something new as well. So much abundance out there waiting to be experienced. That goes for food too! Have a wonderful Friday! :o)

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