Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hello all...I'm off my part-time gig today...and was hoping for warmer temps to get out walking. Walking is my 'cardio' of choice..I walk fast normally, but turn it up even more for some fat burning. However 20-something degrees makes me whine till I get warmed up so lots of times I pass. Not good, I know. I do use the gym a few blocks down, but after a long winter the outdoors is really calling me these days.

For me, nature is a huge 'pacifier' - routinely improves my mood and uplifts me even if I was already feeling good. Nature is an 'absorber' of energy, while giving energy at the same time. Quite amazing really. When I was studying my herbal studies, one of the exercises we did regularly was to walk outside in nature barefoot...on the beach, the grass, or in the water - what this does is absorb alot of the extra energy we take in daily from TV, computers etc. VERY helpful for calming and improving sleep. Something I need to do more regularly, for sure. Of course I was in California at the time and it's a tad easier to be outside in nature year round there! But I find even in Buffalo there are still opportunities to be out there. For instance a few times this winter I was out late at night shoveling snow. I found this extremely peaceful and soothing...working up a sweat while the silence and new snow was all around me.

Don't take the beauty around you for really can be healing if you let it in regularly.

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