Monday, March 16, 2009

Yes...Monday - no getting around it.

I remember when I worked weekends and would have Mondays off - a different frame of mind entirely. But Mondays are also considered the beginning of the week and the beginning or fresh start of anything always deserves a positive outlook. Or at least we can try!

The sun is out..the birds are chirping away - the temps are warmer - folks around here wandering without coats, and the other morning someone had their convertable top down on their car! Yikes! I think it was still in the 30s that morning...but in Buffalo anything goes when spring is due.

I got up early and was almost the first person at the gym - so that felt good. Have some leftovers to take to work to eat, so that feels good - got to connect with my wonderful guy this morning and will again, so that feels good, I have the Golden Girls on and that always feels good, I also am off Thurs thru Sunday this week so THAT feels good...gee...I'm on a roll! :o) Guess the bottom line here is there is always something to feel good about and when you find it - MILK it.

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