Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've been waiting for this... my first Robin sighting...I pride myself every spring to be one of the first people to see one. I'm sure I'm NOT the first but I like to kid myself to thinking that these springtime birds are flaunting themselves just for me. I saw 2 on my lawn early this morning...still not daylight completely but it was obvious. I felt like they were bouncing along the grass, looking back at me to make sure they were spotted! Sigh...feels good to know that spring has officially landed - on my lawn, mind you!


Pink Heels said...

I can appreciate this post! I saw my first robin last week and instantly started jumping up and down with excitement!

Heather said...

This doesn't look at all like the robins we have at home so I went and checked the RSPB and this is an American Robin - the robins here in the UK are chubbier and not so dark

I never realised they were different - and also we have ours here all year long

How curious - I never knew!!

Katy Lowe, Herbalist-Law of Attraction & Health Coach said...


Too funny that they are different and here I thought they were just "robins". Either way, ours are a welcome sight!!

Talk soon :o)